WORX Switchdriver Review & Hammer Photo Frame Project #Christmas

Worx screwdriver6

I received the WORX Switchdriver and I was thinking of all the projects that I could make with it. So I was thinking about what project I wanted to make for Father’s Day. I decided on making a Hammer Photo Frame for my dad from my children. My dad loves being a grandpa and he is so great with my kids and my daughter’s kids as well. So I was excited to get started.

I took the WORX Switchdriver out of the box, charged up the battery as it’s cordless. Then I got started with my project at hand. My son’s were right there with me as they wanted to watch me make the project and help. I was really impressed with the Worx Switchdriver, it was light weight, easy to use, and had plenty of power to drill through the handle of the hammer with ease. I loved how easy it was to change the setting of the drill as well. I just turned a little notch and it made it so easy to use and know which setting it was on. The numbers on the notch were very easy to read on the notch as well. I also found it was very easy to place the drill bit into the drill and use as well as remove it.

I suggest that you use the Worx Switchdriver for all your projects around the house and that you would like to make. I have so many projects that I can’t wait to get to with my Worx Switchdriver. It comes with two drill bits and a phillips screwdriver head as well. So you can do plenty of projects around the house with it. The Worx Switchdriver also offers 15 + 1 position clutch allows precise torque management, Variable 2-speed design covers a wide range of drilling and fastening applications, Extremely compact and lightweight for fatigue-free work, and Powerful and lightweight MaxLithium battery. Don’t forget to take the #DadItYourself quiz.

Let’s get to our great Hammer Photo Frame project. It’s going to be a hit with any man on your gift giving list.

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* 16 oz Hammer
* 5X7 Wood Picture Frame
* (2) 18″ Necklace Chains (Walmart in Jewelry craft section)
* 2 Cup Hooks
* 2 Sawtooth photo Hangers
* Black letter Stickers

WorX screwdriver2

Step 1: Drill 2 Holes in your hammer about 5 1/2 inches apart

Step 2: Add your Sawtooth Photo hangers on the backside of your hammer

Worx screwdriver4

Step 3: Take your two 18″ Necklace Chains and remove the clasp and one of the round connectors do it on the same side as the clasp. Now put the chain through the hole and slide it through the connector on the necklace. Then put them both on the hammer.

Worx screwdriver5

Step 4: Place your cup hooks into your wood photo frame. Do not use a photo frame that is pressed wood it will crack. I placed mine about 1″ in from the corners on my 5X7 frame. You will want to place the hooks to the back of the frame.

Worx screwdriver6

Step 5: Now place your hooks from your frame onto the necklaces. Keep the connector up at the top of the hammer. You can now add your photo and hang it on the wall or give it as a gift. Is it me or is it just adorable! It’s also the perfect gift for the man who has everything!

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