Verve 2 Review


I received the Verve 2 to review. I know what your thinking…”What is a Verve 2??? I hadn’t heard of it either, before I reviewed one, so your not alone. I received the Verve 2, and I watched the video below to see what it was and what it entailed. I have to say that I was just amazed at all the different things they showed.

It’s amazing that it can be so versatile, you can use it as a home alarm, for your child’s science project, for video gaming, and so much more! We used it as shown in the video to make a musical band out of normal household items. My son’s were just amazed at the music they could create. My younger son is planning to have me bring it into school so that his class can see all the amazing music they can create with the Verve 2 and how it can be created with everyday items.

My older son, used it for his video gaming and it just brought the games to life for him and got him out of the chair and being more active. He became apart of the game, it was so interesting to watch and an easy way for me to get him up and exercising without him getting upset with me. That alone was very impressive! Since he is special needs it’s sometimes hard to get him to do the exercises that he needs to do. When I used the Verve 2 and found a game that had his exercises that were needed it was so easy to get him up and doing them and it was so much fun for him!

I used it as an alarm on the fridge, I had some goodies in there that I didn’t want touched until we were at an event. My son’s were just drooling so I hooked it up to the fridge, I went in the other room to get ready and I heard the alarm going off. I told them to back away from the fridge! My son’s were amazed at the alarm and that they couldn’t sneak the treat. It was wonderful because normally they would have ate a few before I found them doing it!

There are so many great things that you can do with the Verve 2, and so many uses that you will love finding a lot more uses all the time. Your child could even win the science fair with the Verve 2 projects! Your family will love all the things that it can help you do around the house, the office, and at school as well, the possibilities are just endless!

*Disclosure* I received the Verve 2 to review, all opinions are those of my family and myself.

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