Tree Hut Body Scrub, Body Wash, Lotion And Shave Prep Review


I received the Brazilian Nut Shea Body Butter, Shave Prep Sugar Scrub, Shave Prep moisturizing Oil, Mediterranean Salt Scrub, Coconut Lime Body Wash, and Moroccan Rose Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream from Tree Hut. Now you know when it arrived I was so excited to check the scents of the products. I can’t handle strong scents so I wanted to try them to make sure they were a light fragrance. I was so pleased to see that they did not have that over powering scent, I have a tendency to get migraines when scents are to strong and they come on right after I smell something. It was the perfect scent for each of these products. They were light and airy, the scent stayed when I used the products but I received so many compliments on the fragrances. They wanted to know what I was using and where they could purchase it. They could smell the scent and just loved it, it was subtle but smelled amazing.

It’s that time of year when you are already getting dried and cracked hands from the colder weather. It’s only going to increase as the winter goes on. So I was excited to try the Moroccan Rose Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream. Now, some lotions leave your skin oily and I’m not a fan of that, because when you touch things it comes off on them. Your hands feel slimy and it just doesn’t work for me.

I was so pleasantly surprised that when I used the lotion, it absorbed into my skin right away. It has a light beautiful rose scent, that really lasts. I loved that my skin did not feel oily, it felt silky, well moisturized, and the burning I had in my hands slowly stopped. I have used the lotion daily and especially after hand washing dishes. It has really brought my hands to a silky smooth feeling. I’m not embarrassed to have someone touch my hands as they are smooth and not feeling like alligator skin. I have had to go and search for the lotion as my daughter’s ask if they can use it and then they “forget” to give it back. Age old story, mom gets something, they like it and try to keep it on me. lol

I used both the Shave Prep Sugar Scrub and moisturizing shaving oil for shaving my legs. I rubbed it on, the scent again was just perfect. I just loved how easy it was to apply to my skin and I was really surprised that it really did make shaving easier. I at times have to go over my legs twice to ensure that I shaved my whole leg. I only had to shave one time and my leg was done. I did it with both legs and it was great the way the scrub removed the dry skin on my legs before I shaved as well. I didn’t get any cuts from the razor either, I have a tendency to get a few around my knee area. I’m sure I’m not alone with this.
I then tried the moisturizing shaving oil, it went on really easily. It really helped to moisturize my legs when I was done. The combination of the two products are just perfect. My skin was silky smooth, and I was ready to go out on the town if I wanted to. When I showered the next day my skin was still silky smooth from shaving and no dry skin. Let’s face it when you live in the Midwest it’s a big hazard with living here to have dry skin. So both products worked so well, even in between shaving.


The Brazilian Nut Shea Body Butter, is a nice blend. It keeps it really kept my skin silky smooth, I would apply it when I was done showering to keep my skin silky smooth. As I said living in the Midwest it really has a tendency to dry your skin. So It was great to not feel the burning skin because it was so dry. It really kept my skin moisturized well, the scent was a light fragrance of Brazilian nuts, but it has a touch of a sweet scent with it. The fragrance and the moisturizing lasted. I have used products where they worked for a couple of hours and then just stopped working. This did not happen with Tree Hut, it kept my skin moisturized and silky smooth.

It took me a little bit to try the Coconut Lime Body Wash only because I was so use to using my normal body wash so every time I showered I forgot to use the Tree Hut Coconut Lime Body Wash. So I finally remembered because I placed it where I normally put my body wash so it would remind me. I was a little unsure of the scent of the coconut/lime. However, I think it’s because I always use a Ocean Breeze scent, so I think it’s just me. I had my daughter’s use it and they both loved the scent and they even told me it’s just you mom. I have a tendency to like certain scents and then I stick with them. However, now the more I smell it the more it’s growing on me.

The body wash lathered up really nice and it didn’t dry my skin. It had a silky feel to it. You could tell it was making my skin feel clean as well as soft. I really liked it, and would continue to use it. When I was drying off I was really waiting for my skin to be dry and really need to be moisturized but it really didn’t dry it out. It was a really pleasant experience with all of the Tree Hut products.

If your looking for a great gift for someone that likes to pamper themselves, something for you, or a gift for someone your not really sure what they would like, I recommend these products highly. The person who receives them is just going to love them! My daughter’s and I are all big fans of Tree Hut and will continue to use the products. Oh, and be sure to try their gift sets if you travel, you can thank me later.

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