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Top That Game is a game that is magical and a race at the same time. It also offers much more then that for children. I think that adults will also like to play the game with their children as well because it’s funny, fun, and an always changing game.

Top That comes with cards, 4 sets of game pieces, which include some magical fun pieces like a top hats, white rabbits, orange tubes, red cups, and green coins, as well as instructions for you to learn how to play the game. The game promotes fine motor skills, problem solving, focus and attention, and visual perception as well. I also love that you can play this game as quickly as 10 minutes or make it a longer game if you would like. The choice is yours. It’s the perfect game for Family game night as well, everyone will love it and have a great time together.


My son’s are really into magic, so when they saw the box they were excited to play the game. I explained to them how to play Top That and we were all ready to start. The game was a quick one but we were laughing and having a great time together, so much so that we played several times together. My son’s are older but they are also special needs as well. So this was a great way for us to work on their motor skills, visual perception and all while having fun. So when we went to start playing my oldest son started to complain the game was more for little ones but I then told him it is also a race don’t forget.

My son soon forgot that the game was for younger children and we were all having such a great time. We were laughing and having such a great time that my granddaughters wanted to join in the fun. So I told the boys we weren’t going to race so fast now so that the girls could play. So I showed the girls how to play and they were ready to play with their uncles. I helped my youngest granddaughter that is 2 years old while the other kids played on their own. We were all laughing and even my granddaughters just loved playing. Now I hear all the time from them can we play that game again Nana?

It really is a fun game and you really can adjust it to fit different players at all different ages. It is a great time to play anytime. We love to play games during the holidays as well so this will be a game that will be coming out for the kids to play and have a great time with. I know that the kids will be playing for hours and it’s a game that I actually will love playing with them as well. The race to fit your pieces together to match the picture and do it as fast as you can will be on for all the kids. Let the magic begin and the laughter fill your house as well with Top That.

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