Tired Of Kids Leaving Their Things Laying Around??? Get Them Picking Up After Themselves! #Kids

Are you tired of tripping over the kids toys, them dropping things in the middle of whatever room they are in, or just not cleaning up their rooms??? This is a great way to get the point acrossed that they need to or they become Mom or Dad’s till they are ready to get it back again. At some point they are going to want it back or need it!

Take a plastic Bin and make out strips of paper to put chores on that they can do to get their things they lost back. Make an envelope to stick all the chores in and attach it to the side of your tote. Then make a sign like they have on the side of the tote and your ready to get started.

No more arguing about “Please put this away” just put it in the bin and when they ask for it point to the bin. They will have to choose a chore to get their item back. They will learn quickly to not leave their items around or they are going to get added chores. It’s a great way to teach children to clean up after themself. I am going to be doing this with my son’s, I just LOVE this idea. You can click on the photo to read the note on the tote.

Thanks to Pam & Geri

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