Are You Tired Of Your Children Not Texting Or Calling You Back From Their Cell Phones? #Parenting

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Have your children been out with friends, at an event or have they just ignored your phone calls or text messages? Have you sent your child a message and they haven’t answered but a few minutes later you see an update from them on their social media??? If your frustrated with your teen or child not responding when you call or text them there is an answer.

There is a mom that is just as frustrated when her teens wouldn’t answer her calls or text messages. She decided that she was going to come up with an app that would cure them from ignoring her. Jane Standifird decided to make an app to get her children’s attention when they ignored her calls or texts, with the app you can shut down your child’s phone, they will not be able to text or call anyone but you or the police if they need help for any reason.

When you shut their phone down a box will show up with a button they can push to call you to get the password to unlock their phone and so they can use it again. You could also use it if they are grounded off their phone, they will only be able to use it to call you or if there is an emergency they can get ahold of emergency help as well. They will not be able to do anything else until they receive the unlock code from you again. It’s a great way to know where your children are and that they are no ignoring your calls or texts and they will have to get ahold of you so they can get the code again to unlock the phone.

There is nothing worst then texting your child and getting no response back and you start to panic about where they are, if they are okay, if something happened to them. Children sometimes do not understand the panic that goes through our bodies when we do not hear from them. So this app helps you to get the message across to them that they do need to answer the phone when you call or text them so that you know they are okay. Even when their phone is shut down because you stopped them from being able to use the phone for friends. Your sure to hear from your child(ren) because they won’t wnat their phone shut off. The app “Ignore No More” is available on Google Play for Android phones only at the moment and is $1.99 to receive the app, then just install and your all set.

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