Tips To Make Your Child Going To Summer Camp Easier On You And Your Child


We all have a hard time believing out children are growing up so big already! It seems like only yesterday that they were in our arms and cooing, drooling and needing us to be there every moment of the day. You were there for their first scrap, their first bump, haircut and every other milestone. So how is it possible that they have reached the age of going off to summer camp? How are you going to let them go away from home? How will you allow them to even go off for day summer camp without you?

It’s difficult to cut the cords of a parents bond to let our children grow into the adults they will become some day. It’s difficult as a parent to allow our children to become their own person when we want to protect them every step of the way. However, there are ways to let them know that your thinking of them even when they are gone for summer camp. You will want to have a plan to make camp easier on your child and on yourself as well. There are some easy steps that will help both of you to be able to know that your child will be okay without you.

* Make sure that your child has everything they could need for camp and more then they will need to keep your mind at ease. Get the schedule of the camp so that you know all the activites they will be doing. Be sure to label all clothing and belongings so that your child knows what is their’s and what is their bunk mates.

* You will want to pack envelopes that are addressed and have a stamp already on them and paper as well as something to write you with in a large baggie so that your child can write you with all their exciting news that is going on at camp. Discuss with your child that you would love to hear all about their fun and that even a couple of letters from them would be great.

* Write your child little notes and put them in their bag labeled Day 1 through however many days they will be at camp. In the notes give them encouraging words and tell them how proud you are of them and how much you love them. Leave out how much you will miss them as it may make them homesick. Each day your child can open and read a letter from you, it will be a great adventure.

* The day your child leaves or within two days send them a care package filled with their favorite snacks and a couple of goodies. They can share with their bunk mates and add to the fun of camp. If it’s day camp, towards the end of camp time maybe bring a treat for the campers to enjoy with their camp leaders.

* Plan a end of camp welcome home party while your child is away with family and friends so they can hear all about camp. Make fun camp decorations, a welcome home cake, smores, campfire, sing camp songs. Everyone will have a great time at the welcome home party.

* Have your Child Write you letters the week before going to camp and leave you maps of where to find their letter or clues. They can be about whatever they want, why they are excited to be going to camp, what they hope to get out of going to camp, and so on. Then while they are gone use your maps or clues each day to find their letter to you so that you will have a piece of them every day and something to look forward to.

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