How to Throw the Ultimate St. Patty’s Day Party

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With March 17th readily approaching, it’s time to dust off your bagpipes and bring out everything green—it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re Irish or just have a bunch of Irish friends, St. Patty’s Day is a great time to gather with loved ones and celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. If you’re ready to throw your very own St. Patrick’s Day Parade, consider these tips below.

Dress Green

The shamrock is Ireland’s national flower, which is a small clover that comes in a deep green. This is why most St. Patrick’s Day apparel and items are green in nature. To stick to tradition, make sure you and your guests dress the part to avoid getting pinched. You can find fun men’s and women’s St. Patrick’s Day shirts to wear throughout the celebration, or you can just choose something green from your closet. Whether you’re a fair Irish lassie or a mischievous little leprechaun, make sure to don your green apparel.

Decorate Your Home

Next on your list is decorating home. Themes make every party greater, and the essence of St. Patrick’s Day is easy to capture. With green, gold, white, and orange being prominent colors associated with Ireland, decorating your home is easy. You can download St. Patrick’s Day printables and hang them up around your home, or you can string clovers and drape them along your banister.

Here are some easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorating tips worth giving a try:

Blowing up green balloons and placing them throughout your home and yard
Placing a rainbow rug in front of your front door
Creating a mantle display with your wall art
Assembling golden centerpieces for your party tables
Painting clay pots to look like leprechaun hats
Purchasing shamrock drink coasters
Hanging an Irish flag on your front porch
Placing pots of gold around your home with chocolate coins
Placing a St. Patrick’s Day banner on a wall to create great photo opportunities

Prepare Irish-Inspired Food and Drink

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If there’s no food or drinks, there’s no party, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. As you may know, St. Patrick’s Day is commonly associated with heavy drinking. That’s because many Irish Catholics give up alcohol for lent. However, during St. Patrick’s Day, they’re allowed to drink, which is why this day becomes a huge celebration. With that in mind, make sure you have plenty of beer, like Guinness and Irish Stout, on tap. You can purchase your own keg, fill coolers with cans or bottles, or ask guests to BYOB.

When it comes to food, there are plenty of dishes and desserts you can serve. From Irish cream push pops to Irish cream cheesecake, here are some delicious “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” recipes:

Corned beef and cabbage
Irish beef stew
Soda bread
Shepherd’s pie
Sauteed cabbage
Lime poke cake
Green velvet cupcakes
Mint schnapps milkshakes
Irish coffee
Beef pot pie
Potato cakes
Beer-battered broccoli

When it comes to St. Patrick’s day food, drinks, and desserts, the three main ingredients are always corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. However, if you have other recipes in mind that you’d like to serve at your St. Patty’s Day party, all you have to do is color it green. Green food coloring will make all of your recipes an Irish green without compromising taste—a win-win!

Bring out the Games

While your company will have a great time mingling among themselves, bringing St. Patrick’s Day themed games to the party is an excellent way to liven up the party and make lasting memories. To throw the perfect party this March 17th, play St. Patrick’s Day-themed Pictionary, Apple to Apples, or Bananagrams. In the background, play traditional Irish tunes such as Molly Malone, The Irish Rover, and Whiskey in a Jar.

There’s also plenty of St. Patrick’s Day drinking games if your attendance list consists of guests over 21. Some drinking game ideas include Irish poker, beer pong with green beer, shot potato (a twist on hot potato).
Time to Get the Party Started
With these party-planning tips, you’ll be on your way to throwing the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day party. From St. Patrick’s themed apparel to decorating your home with anything green, these are just some of the great ideas you can use to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Good luck!

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