How to Throw the Perfect White Party This Summer

white party

Need a break from the vibrant color-filled parties? Try removing all the colors and instead indulge in an all-white theme. Normally, white parties can be set up with the most minimalistic looking furniture and some arrangements for lighting. White is also the most preferred theme for weddings. So, if you are planning to throw your wedding after-party or a chic summer all-white party, you ought to find wedding rentals near me for styling and design of your party. Here are a few areas to focus on to blend the theme equally well across the setup.


Everything from the furniture, the garlands, to the lighting and the balloons can be white. This creates an all-dimensional ambiance that looks superbly white. Throwing off a completely white theme might miss out on the specialty of metallic edges. I mean, total white-out may not turn out to be what you have expected but metallic finishes and silver linings can give a special feel to it. When organizing your seating arrangement, carve out an ultimately relaxing area with white living room furniture complemented by silver or gold pillows. Cornering the furniture from all sides, high cocktail tables should be set up for the guests to get handy with the booze. For centerpieces to look magical, load up white flowers to keep the floral density minimal and inspiring. If you are hosting a day event, lighting can’t do much good. However, if you’re kicking it off in the evening, paper lanterns with warm lights can mesmerize everyone with the striking golden glow all through the night. You cannot forget balloons – stock up the place with small and large ones to notch up the atmosphere of the party.


Champagne should run like water at the event. The guest should be served at the start and there must be frequent rounds to sensitize them with the party. An efficient caliber of bartenders should be showing skills and creativity by preparing a special line of ‘white’ cocktails, mojitos and margaritas. Lemon drop martinis and white sangria should lead in the lineup of drinks. Make sure the drinks are light and there should be an arrangement for guests who get hammered enough. One more thing, serve the drinks on metal trays or white trays with silver edges to intensify the appeal. Remember, these extra metal touches provide for the richness of the theme and have a captivating aura to it!


The theme entails light food for serving. You can, though, have a couple of energy-rich foods on the menu too. Don’t offload the courses of food at once, keep it consistently flowing. Start off with appetizers like cheesy puffs, sizzling skewered haloumi cheese served with white grapes, crab ravioli, buttered cauliflower and hot tartlets to mark a savory decadence. For desserts, creamy coconut bites, chopped banana topped with dark chocolate and vanilla eclairs brushed with maple syrup – just yum! For more delightful recipes, follow the link.


You can arrange for beaded necklaces or twig crowns for women while the men can have metallic handkerchiefs to go along with their ensembles.

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