STS Blue Tomboy Crop Jeans Review


I received the STS Blue Tomboy Crop Jeans to review. This is the first time that I had heard about STS Blue, so I was excited to see how their jeans fit, the quality of the jeans, comfort and if they would keep up with my busy lifestyle as I’m always on the go. So I was going to put them to the test.

When the Tomboy Crop Jeans arrived, I was intrigued with them. The jean material is very soft and comfortable which was a great start. When I looked at them the jeans had a vintage 70’s feel to them with the patches on them but with a modern twist to the jeans. The rips in the jeans bring a modern flare, and the frayed edges on the bottom of the jeans. I love the Kiss My Patch in the shape of a heart on the backside of the jeans.


I put them on, and they were so comfortable to wear. They had a nice stretch to the jeans as well. Which I look for because my days have a tendency to be crazy. I can start out making breakfast and end up changing the bathroom handles, shoveling dirt in our garden, to a million other things that are on my to do list. So I need clothing that is going to keep up with me and not be restricting. The STS BLUE Tomboy Crop Jeans felt like they could keep up with me, so I started my day. I dropped my son off at school and then I came home, I started a project that I was not looking forward to. The hose on the washer came loose and made a huge water mess on the floor. So I was using the wet/dry vac and cleaning the water up. The STS Blue tomboy crop jeans were easy to bend down to get done what I needed to. I mopped the floor and then I took a break. The jeans were still comfortable the whole time. There are sometimes those jeans that while your wearing them and doing work around the house that pinch your legs or upper thighs but that did not happen with these jeans.


The patches on the jeans are cute and there are a wide selection of them used on the jeans. They give the jeans some flair along with the rips in the jeans. They are a great summer or fall look. I think they are a great addition to your wardrobe, for college students, teens as well as the stylish mom. These jeans will keep up with you and the comfort of the jeans will make you want to add more of them to your wardrobe for sure.

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