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StoreWALL, offers a modular storage system that will help you create a easy storage wall. You can create a storage wall in your garage, basement, craft room, or any where else you would like to add an easy storage areas to. You can customize your StoreWALL to fit your needs, the Storage Wall is easy to put into place and you can use as few or as many wall sections as you would like to complete your modular storage system.

There are also different storage products and shelves that you can use with your storage wall to make storage event easier. You can hang shelves to Bikes and outdoor gear on them. Your craft room is a hot mess! the StoreWall will help you to have everything organized and in one place. If you have been wanting to organize any room, now is the time to purchase the StoreWall. You can easily organize any area in your home or garage. I also love that you can use the StoreWALL to hang all of your outdoor gear such as bikes, ski’s, and other gear that you want to put in a safe place and keep your garage clutter free. It makes your garage look so much nicer and you do not have to worry about tripping over your gear as well.

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If you craft, just look around your craft room right now….if it is like mine it looks like a hurricane came through it. You can easily place the StoreWALL on one or several walls and then place shelves, easy to organize containers and other items that will help you to keep your space organized and easy to reach. There are so many rooms that you can organize with StoreWALL, and always have everything in it’s place. The StoreWALL would also be perfect for a child’s playroom, you can organize and put everything in it’s place. Toys that you want the children to ask permission to play with higher up so that only Mom and Dad can reach them. The possibilities are really just endless, as to what you can organize with the modular system.

I found the StoreWALL very easy to place where I wanted it, It was a very simple process, I had my daughter hold it in place while I placed it on the wall. It only took me about 5 to 10 minutes to have it right where I wanted it. I then slid in my attachments for organizing and it was ready for me to use. It was so simple to set up, I now want to use it in my craft room and finish the wall in my garage to organize both of them. We have a number of bikes that drive me just crazy when I go into the garage, I trip over them almost every time I go in the garage. I can not wait to get it all organized and not trip over them again.

I also love the variety of colors that you choose from for your StoreWALL as well, it makes it easy to make the room your trying to organize look great while being functional as well. Men and women will love the way the StoreWALL looks and how easy it is to put together. I have found myself thinking about all the places that I want to place the StoreWALL. My brother visited and I was showing him the StoreWALL and he now wants to place a wall in his garage for all of his storage but on the lower section he wants to place his dogs water dishes there so they can keep cool in the garage and have their dishes in there so they stay hydrated during the summer. It’s the perfect place for the furbabies to stay out of the sun when he has friends over for cookouts.

What will you organize with StoreWALL? Is there a room that is just screaming for organization? Does your Garage need help? I would love to hear what you would organize first.

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  1. Tish W. says:

    Our garage could definitely use something like this.

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