Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill Review

I received the Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill to review. Since it was just starting to turn to spring and we all had cabin fever I have to say I was so ready to taste some grilled foods! We love grilled meats and veggies so the family was excited to see if it would actually work like a real grill.

We made Burgers and Chicken apple sausage on the grill that evening. I put the grill on the stovetop and heated it as directed. I put the meats on the grill, we watched as the grill started to do it’s magic, I waited to flip the burgers and sausage. The burgers and the sausage had the beautiful grill marks just as they would on a outdoor grill. They were cooking even and just smelled like summer cooking! I couldn’t wait for them to come off the grill and be on buns so we could taste them.

We loved the flavor the burgers and sausage had, they were grilled perfectly and were just delicious. The whole family agreed that the Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill was great! We loved the way it grilled, it was easy to clean, and ready for the next meal that we wanted to enjoy with a grilled flavor. Your family is sure to love eating all the delicious meals that you prepare with the Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill. You will be able to have the taste of summer all year round with the Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ Grill.

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