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When it comes to cancer, it knows no skin color, it knows no boundaries, it also cares not who it attacks. Cancer shatters lives, it leaves a quake of emotions, and it removes the person that it attacks from their loved ones at times. I know this only to well, as do many, I know because I have a son who has a Astrocytoma Brain Tumor, so cancer is a daily part of our life. So when I can help in any way to make a last wish for a cancer patient come true, I put my whole heart into it, because it takes everyone coming together to make it a reality. So we can not thank those who retweeted and tweeted to the players to make Jordan’s Dream come true. So many came together like Mike Ditka who has been a lean mean tweeting machine for Jordan. So many of Jordan’s friends have been on board and tweeting and Retweeting to help Jordan and his family. It was amazing to see so many people come together for a great cause. We can not thank you enough for everyone who helped to make Jordan’s wish come true!

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It was a great wish that Jordan had to meet some of his favorite players. The players he loves to watch on the field and on the court. Jordan knew that his favorite players had big hearts on the court and field but he never knew how big those hearts truly were till he met some of his idols. They brought Jordan so many smiles, laughs, and just a amazing boost in his spirits when they visited him. Katie, Jordan’s wife stated that Jordan’s color looked better, he was staying awake more, and he had a permanent smile on his face. He couldn’t believe that the players were actually granting his wish, Jordan was not alone, Katie was also amazed that these gentleman would take time out of their busy schedules to grant Jordan’s wish. There were so many great memories that were made during their visits from laughing, to being silly and forgetting for a moment about the cancer, to more surprise goodies from the Chicago Bears team, Chicago Bulls, and White Sox teams as well. When Matt Forte and his beautiful wife, Blake Annen, Jordan Mills, Jarrett Payton, Brandon Marshall, Charles Tillman, Jermon Bushrod, Rashied Davis and David Bass Jr. all visited Jordan, you can imagine how Jordan felt. He knew they had heart on the field but the heart it took to make his dream come true even surpassed Jordan’s wildest dreams.

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The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls sent Jordan some White Sox gear, and some Chicago Bulls Gear, a Blanket and other goodies for him. The players were not around to visit but Jordan totally understood, he was happy that they took time to send him a care package. It really showed him why he loves the White Sox so much. Rashied Davis, couldn’t make it to see Jordan in person because he was out of the state but he didn’t let that stop him from reaching out to Jordan and Katie to help make Jordan’s wish come true. Rashied made time out of his busy day to make sure that he was able to meet Jordan and FaceTime him and Katie. Jordan was amazed that Rashied went out of his way to make sure that he was apart of Jordan’s wish. It really shows you how much heart these teams and players have for their fans. They really go above and beyond to show them how much they truly mean to them.

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I think that Jordan Mills said something amazing in his tweet, it’s not about the Lights and Cameras, it’s about the lives you touch. It shows how much they care about their fans, and how much they care about those are in Jordan’s place. It just makes your heart warm to know how much they care.

These players and teams really go out of their way to make dreams of those with Cancer come true. They will never know how much Jordan and his family truly appreciate them taking the time to visit, FaceTime, and send a care package meant to them. It’s such a wonderful experience for the family and I know that the players also enjoyed meeting Jordan and Katie as well. Many of them are still following Jordan’s Wish on Twitter and Jordan’s Wish on Facebook. If you would like to help Jordan’s family with the Bills from the hospital and his funeral expenses you can donate at Jordan’s Go Fund Me Page even $1 will make a difference. You can also purchase Jordan’s Legacy T-Shirts for $15 each or Jordan’s Legacy Sweatshirts for $25 and some of the proceeds will go to the family for Hospital bills and Funeral expenses.

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