Snipe Hunt Game Review

snipe game

The Snipe Hunt Game is a game for ages 5 and up. Kids can use their snipes to play hide and seek or have teams to see who can find the other teams snipe and return it to the nest first. It’s such a cute game, my granddaughters and son had such a fun time playing and it levels the playing field for the kids no matter what their age is. Anyone no matter what their age is can win the game. So I really loved that about the game as it challenges all the players and anyone has a chance to win.

The Snipe Hunt Game would be perfect to play while camping, inside during the winter months and outside during the summer. The kids will love playing and the snipe gives them hints if they have not found it after so long. The snipe will start to chirp and their eyes will light up to give them clues where to find them from the noises. The kids had such a great time with it and sometimes the older kids would win and sometimes the younger kids would win. So they all wanted to keep playing to see who could get the most wins. They put the nest where everyone could get to it and they were off on the snipe hunt.

I love that you can also bring it on the go with you and play anywhere. It will keep the kids entertained in the winter months when it’s to cold in areas to go outside. The kids loved playing and having fun with the snipes. In case your wondering “what the heck is a snipe?” A Snipe is a animal that elders told children about how to catch this animal by banging rocks together, making a crazy noise or doing other things that would give the elders some entertainment. So of course the kids would go in search of the snipe and the elders would watch them and try to contain their laughter. So the Snipe hunt game is a twist from the snipe hunt that the elders use to tell kids about.

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