How To Make Shrek Santa Christmas Cookies #Christmas

Shrek Santa Cookies

Do you have a child that loves Shrek or you just want to make a different cookie this year with your children? These Shrek Cookies are so fun to make and are really quite easy as well to make so the whole family can have a great time decorating and making them. We made these last night as we wanted to make something different this year and the kids LOVE Shrek! I have given you the directions on how to make them and a great No egg Sugar Cookie Recipe to use to make them with. Your not going to believe what we used for the cookie cutter!

good cook cookie kit

I received the Good Cook Cookie Making kit to make these cookies with. I did however, use a different cookie cutter for these cookies then what was in the kit. I wanted to make the Shrek Cookies with the kids, we always make new cookies every year so these were perfect.

frankenstein cookie cutter
To Make your Shrek Cookies you will need a Good Cook Frankenstein Cookie Cutter it is on sale for only $2.24. We just turned Frankenstein upside down to make Shrek….Bet you would have NEVER guessed that. lol

No Egg Sugar Cookie Recipe:

1 lb of Butter or Margarine
1 1/4 Cups of Sugar
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Salt
3 Cups Of Flour
1 to 2 tsp Vanilla

You will Need a Mixing Bowls, Mixer, Wax Paper, Good Cook Frankenstein Cookie Cutter, Butter knife, 12 X 17 Cookie Sheets High-tem spatula, Flex cookie turner, White Frosting and Food Coloring Red, green, White and Blue.

Step 1: Cream the Sugars and Butter or Margarine together (4 sticks of Margarine)

Step 2: Add the Salt, Vanilla, Baking Soda and 1 Cup of Flour to the Bowl and mix with mixer

Step 3: Mix in flour in 1/2 cup amounts till it is all mixed into the dough. The dough will be creamy

Step 4: Place Wax Paper down on the counter. Sprinkle flour on the wax paper to roll out your Cookie dough just enough dough to make two cookies or so. Knead your dough with some flour so it’s not so sticky before you roll it out. Rub your cookie cutter in flour so that the dough does not stick to the Cookie Cutter.

Step 5: Put your Cut out cookies on your Cookie Sheet.

Step 6: Roll out some dough, then cut out a triangle to make Santa’s Hat and then cut a small circle out for the ball on the end of the hat. Attach them to Shrek’s head to make Santa’s Hat.

Step 7: Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake for 8-10 minutes till lightly Brown.

You will now want to mix your White Frosting with your food coloring till it’s the color you want. Then use a butter knife to spread the green over Shrek’s face, The red for his hat and the white for the ball on his hat. Then if you do not have a decorating kit, you can use Baggies and just cut a VERY small corner off and test it to make sure it only has a little bit of the frosting coming out to make the eyes, nose and mouth on Shrek. As are shown in the photo. Your Shrek Santa is now Complete.

You can add Candy or other goodies that you would like to add them to them. I just used the frosting to decorate them and they came out cute.

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