Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Is it just me or are you always trying to find a way to get your house clean in less time? I am always looking for a way to get the house clean and looking great but still be able to keep up with my crazy busy schedule. I use to have to stay up and wait for everyone to be asleep before I could sweep and mop the floors. Which if you have done this yourself you know that the next morning your wishing you had gone to bed.

The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System has really helped me with being able to sweep and steam clean the floors first thing in the morning. They dry so quickly so by the time I wake the kids up for school they have already dried and we are ready to start our day. I love the way the head of the mop is one that you can flip over and use both sides. It’s easy to fill with water and it doesn’t take long before your ready to steam clean the floors. I have found that it really cuts my cleaning time down and my floors look great!

The regular mops you just have wet floors that take at least 30 minutes to dry and even longer in the winter time. So it has to be done at night or if you can sneak it in during the day when the family isn’t going to be running in and out of the room. Which in our house, it’s like putting a welcome sign out to come into the room that I am cleaning. It never fails if I am cleaning the kitchen floor they of course need a drink or a snack just at that moment that I am almost done. If it’s the bathroom of course someone wants to use it and the floor is all wet and then I have shoe prints so I have to redo it again. Which never seems to fail!

When I use the Shark Genius Steam mop it dries quickly and always before someone needs to use the bathroom or a snack or drink. When the kids spill it’s easy to clean up as well. It just takes a few seconds and no more mess. I also love that I can wash the mop heads in the washer and they are ready to go again! It really cuts cleaning time down and keeps the floors looking great! My son’s have now found a new love of helping me keep the floors clean with the Shark Genius Steam mop. They have now started to clean up their own spills. What mom doesn’t love that! They just love using it because it’s so easy to use, it’s not to heavy for them to use. My youngest will go get the broom and sweep the floor and then steam mop it. He just loves how easy it is to use, and that he can do it by himself. Although I watch him to see what he is doing he has how to use it down pat. So even the children can use the Shark Genius Steam mop with no problems. That’s right Mom’s and Dad’s, you can now add steam mopping to their chore charts.

The Shark Genius Steam mop can also be found at Walmart, Best Buy, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Sears and other major retailers. If your looking for a great gift for this holiday season, I would recommend the Shark Genius Steam mop to make someone you loves life easier! Don’t forget to grab one for your home while your getting them a gift because you deserve it!

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