Shark Duo Vaccum Cleaner Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I had a chance to review the Shark Duo Vaccum Cleaner? . I was so excited when it arrived. I took it out of the box and put it together so that it would be ready for using. I then waited till the kids made a mess and I was excited, which really confused my children. lol They are use to me saying to them “Did you really just do that?” “Why, would you put that there knowing it would do that?” or something along those lines. However, they didn’t hear that this time. So they were looking at me and waiting for it. Instead I just went and got out the Shark Duo vaccum and picked up the large pieces, then I turned it on. I sucked it up and still didn’t say my usual to them so they were sitting there wondering when it was going to happen.
I learned two things that day. One, more then ever accidents happen and I should just do what I did that day more often. Two, I learned that I am in love with the Shark Duo. It really cleaned up the mess quickly and not just one mess. My grandchildren were over and after I cleaned up their messes as well. Everything from Crayon papers from the crayons that they threw on the floor to their snack messes that were also on the floor. They are so stinkin cute but they are my little mess makers along with their Uncles. It kept up with all the kids and more. The suction was great for the vaccum and it did clean up all the messes with ease.
The vaccum is so easy to put together as well. It only took me a few minutes to have it ready to go. I was so highly impressed with the action of the vaccum and how well it worked. I even used it on the couches under the cushions. It really did a great job sucking out all the things the kids had in the couch that I wasn’t aware had fallen in there. So I was just on a roll from our carpeted areas to our non-carpeted areas. The Shark Duo can keep up with all our families messes and keep on going! I also love that you do not have to touch the mess! You just take the canister off and dump it right out so there is no need for bags as well. I’m a big fan of no bags for the vaccum, not that they are expensive or anything but in reality when they get full and you remove them some of the dust and things get into the air or it comes out in a big puff of dust that goes all over and then you have to vaccum again!
The Shark Duo would make a great Christmas Gift or to have in your home and help keep it clean for the holidays. That’s right you can easily clean up any holiday messes with the Shark Duo or clean before the family comes over for the holidays. Your going to be ready for cleaning any and every time with the Shark Duo! I’m so happy with my Shark Duo and you will be as well.

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