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Selfie gameme with selfie

Have you heard of or played Selfie Game? If you haven’t your missing out on a great game that is fun for all ages. I had a chance to play it at the Chicago Toy and Game Expo and I have to say it was a laugh a minute. Anyone can play this game, it’s so easy but will have everyone laughing so hard. You can play it with or without a cell phone. We played it without and it was just so much fun! We had everyone around us just laughing and wanting to play as well.

You receive cards and the game starts, the first player chooses a card from their hand and makes a face to go with that card. Everyone else playing then chooses a card from their hand to give the player that makes the face and they say who gave them the card after reading them out loud. The cards are just so funny that they will have you laughing the whole time, not to mention the faces will have you laughing as well. It is just a laugh a minute. This game would be perfect for teens to have for sleep overs, for adult parties or just to have fun with the family. If your having a rough day, I promise you that if you play Selfie, that day will turn around quickly! Our family has been having a blast playing it and everyone has just been laughing. I can’t wait to introduce it to everyone this holiday season when we have guests. They will just love it as well and it’s a great way to have everyone having fun! If your looking for a fun game to play during Family Game Night, then I highly suggest putting Selfie on your Christmas wish list!

*Disclosure* I received the Selfie game to review, all opinions about the game are those of my family and myself.

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