Seed Aide CoverGrow Spread Mulch Granules Review


We are always looking for our lawns to look great. Although this summer we haven’t had a lot of rain and our grass has been a not so lovely shade of brown. We have finally started to get some rain and have been happy to see it. I received Seed Aide CoverGrow Spread Mulch Granules to spread on our lawn to help it come back to the plush green again and help to fill in where there are bare spots and help the grass to grow there.

I received the Seed Aide CoverGrow Spread Mulch Granules and when we were going to have rain I hand spread the granules onto our lawn. It was very easy to do, I just sprinkled them onto the lawn where I wanted them. Then the rain came for a couple of days. I figured it would take a while for the plush green grass to come back but it wasn’t that long at all. It rained for 2 to 3 days and all the granules were getting smaller as well as the grass color was not so brown after the first day. You could see that it was fighting to grow healthy again. By the 3rd day of rain that we got it was starting to really show that the brown was fading quickly. After a couple more days the light green started to show through and I could see that the bare spots we had were starting to fill in again.

The progress of the green color coming in and making the grass look great really didn’t take long at all. The grass was growing quickly and it was becoming healthy green grass again. We had a little bit more rain and I was just in love with the plush feeling that was coming back. The kids actually wanted to play on the grass again. They were out playing ball again on the grass and having a great time. When the lawn was brown they hated playing on it because when they fell the grass was no longer soft it was a limp, crunchy, scratchy, feeling and they played on the sidewalk. They are now having fun, playing on their slide and enjoying the yard again.


The color is now a lush green, it’s plush to play and lay on again. The family is loving it and we are doing plenty of outdoor activities as well. The Seed Aide CoverGrow Spread Mulch Granules really helped to bring our grass back to life again and our grass looks better then all the other yards on our street. I now have our neighbors asking me what we used to get our grass look so nice. It’s really a beautiful shade of green now and we are the envy of our neighbors. I of course shared that we used the Seed Aide CoverGrow Spread Mulch Granules to make our lawn look so nice. It will continue to grow in more plush and look great as time goes on.

*All opinions of the use of the Seed Aide CoverGrow Spread Mulch Granules are my own from using this product.*

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