Rummikub Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Rummikub is a wonderful game for the whole family to play together. It is a family favorite here, from my son’s to my mother, we all love to play. It really helps with learning to count, colors, and having a great time together. The tiles come with numbers in different colors and smiley faces which are your wild tiles.

To start the game someone needs to be able to “Meld” which is where each player lays down the value of 30 points or they can not play and they will pick a tile and then it goes to the next player if they can not “Meld”. Then once you have “Meld” you can lay your tiles down in any points that are available on your tile holder. You continue to play till all the tiles are laid out. We have had so much fun playing this game. You can lay 3 of the same numbers but in different colors. The other tiles that you can lay down are the sequenced numbers but they must be in the same colors.

It has been so much fun watching my son’s learn to play and having a fun time playing. It has really helped them with their math skills, it’s a great Stem game for them to work on their small motor skills as well. My granddaughter’s have used the tiles to learn their colors when the kids play. We just have a lot of fun when we are playing. The boys favorite part is when they have titles that match the ones that we have all already laid down. So when I played the 6,7,8 in orange and they have the 9 orange they can play that tile on my tiles and get points for it.

You can play and keep score of you can play without keeping score. When we play with my son’s, I normally don’t keep a points sheet, we go by who ever runs out of tiles is the winner. The boys love playing the game and they have been asking for us to keep playing it because they love it so much. I can see us playing it a lot over the Christmas break when it’s to cold to go outside. I have already talked to my son’s about having an unplugged Christmas vacation. So we will be playing a lot of board games, science experiments, baking, and other fun activities.

This game will be hours of family fun to play, or you could play a quick game as well. If your looking for a great game for the family to play at Christmas time Rummikub should be on the top of your list. It is going to be a great time and a great change of pace if your looking for a new game to play. It would also make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas shopping list! Trust me they will be thanking you for the game. I know we are going to be bringing Rummikub camping with us as well! We love to stay at a cabin during the summer and we unplug for a week and just have a great time fishing, playing games, being out in nature, and having together time. It is something that we look forward to every summer.

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