Roto Rooter Helps All Your Plumbing Clog Issues #Ad

Roto Rooter gel

I can honestly say that with 4 kids and 5 grandkids, our drains are always
getting clogged. The little ones for some reason think it’s a great idea to take little pieces of toilet paper and put them in the sink from the toilet paper roll. They shred it and put it in and it builds up in the drain. Then of course I get to figure out what they did to clog the drain. I grab the bottle of Roto Rooter because I know that it will clear the clog and have the drain cleared in no time. It has saved our drains a number of times after the little stinkers have clogged it.

My daughter who has now figured out that you need to run hot water when draining hamburger you just cooked before draining has clogged the kitchen sink a number of times. I keep telling her that you can not drain the hamburger unless the water is running. However, what does mom know! So since she knew more she got handed the Roto Rooter Gel clog remover. She read the instructions and did what they said and the clog was gone. She said “Look Mom! The drain is cleared and working great again!” I laughed and said “Yes, it is that was what we wanted to happen.” She said “This is great! I’m going to buy Roto Rooter when the kids clog our drains!” We both were laughing because I told her “Between her and the kids, they were going to need several bottles at all times.” We were laughing and she said “Mom, is that why you have several bottles?” I told her “Yes, because I never know when I’m going to need it with all the kids!”

clogged drain

Of course all of the girls have long hair, so when we all take showers we also have the hair clogged drains as well. It’s a great time for us to use Roto Rooter as well. It takes care of the clogged drains and remove the hair. We use the hair catcher on the drain but it still clogs up the drain. So we are always ready with Roto Rooter to unclog the drain and ready for the next person to shower. We have always had this problem with our hair. Our hair for all the girls is so thick and it really does a number on the drain. But with Roto Rooter we have found that it saves the day and we can get the drains working again easily.

There has not been one drain that we have not clogged one time or another. So having Roto Rooter on hand is always a good idea. I also love that it’s reasonably priced so I can have several bottles on hand and not break the bank! So it keeps our drains working, and we do not have a need for a plumber. Which I have to say that I love because for as many times as our drains have been clogged a plumber would have been so expensive every time I had to call one!

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