Rookie Chef Children’s Kitchen Island Review And Black Friday Deal #ChristmasGiftGuide

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I received the Rookie Chef Children’s Kitchen Island from Rookie Chef to review with our family. I have to say that it is just to adorable! Our regular readers know that I have two son’s who are special needs and 5 grandchildren as well. So since it’s the holiday season, and I’m going to need a lot of help in the kitchen this Kitchen Island is perfect for all the kids to use. It’s actually the perfect height for my grandchildren and for my son’s as well even if the boys need to sit they can do it and use the Kitchen Island to help me cut up fruits, veggies, cutting out cookies or any other fun that we are creating in the kitchen.

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I was so excited to put the Rookie Chef Kitchen Island together and get the kids started in the kitchen! We usually use the kitchen table when they help me but we have had some close calls with falls with the grandchildren. So it at times makes me nervous to have them sitting on the chair and reaching. So I couldn’t wait to see how they did with the kitchen Island. I didn’t find the Rookie Chef Kitchen Island difficult to put together. I used this great
Video to help me put it together. It’s so beautiful when you get it together and very sturdy as well. Which is very important when you have children that will be using it. The kids were so excited to see the Island together and their facial excitement was just priceless! I was also highly impressed with the Slicer-Dicer, The Mixer-Upper and The Handy Slicer. They are perfect for their little hands as well as for pre-teens and teens. I even love using them myself!

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When I brought it into the kitchen I already had a plan to make cookies with the kids. I figured that I had better have a game plan ahead of time or I was going to be in trouble. So I had already made up some sugar cookie batter and it was in the fridge waiting for us to be ready to make cookies. So I put the Island in it’s place and then brought out the cookie dough. The kids were so excited. We rolled out the cookie dough on the Island and it was just the perfect height for all of the kids. They could reach the top with no problems. We got all the cookies cut and put in the oven to bake. I then cleaned off the top of the Kitchen Island and set up the frosting and all the decorations for them. They then decorated their cookies after they cooled. There was so much fun and laughter in the kitchen. It was so wonderful that all the kids could reach what they wanted and I didn’t have to worry about them falling and getting hurt.

After the cookies were decorated the kids and I cleaned up. I have to tell you it was a breeze to clean up the Kitchen Island as well. Which as a parent is very important to me. When you have children they want to go from one activity to the next and not wait for clean up time. So making this Kitchen Island easy to clean makes cooking even more fun! You won’t dread bringing the kids into the kitchen they can have all kinds of fun baking and the easy clean up will thrill you parents as well.

Now for Black Friday, Rookie Chef is having a great sale on the Rookie Chef Children’s Kitchen Island starter kit will be on sale and you can save $100 on this great kit and receive the same items that I did! It will make the perfect gift this holiday season!

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