Roku 3 Streaming Media Player $74.99 Normally $99.99 (Plus 3 Months FREE Hulu Included)

Roku 3

If your looking for a great way to get rid of your cable bill, then your going to love Roku 3 Streaming Media Player. If you haven’t heard how Roku works, let me explain it to you. Roku allows you to watch movies and T.v. show series from 1,800+ channels of movies, TV shows, sports, and more. You will also receive 3 free months of Hulu to watch on your new Roku as well. It will also allow you to watch Netflix, Amazon movies and T.v. shows, HBO Go, and so many other channels. I have to say that I love their holiday shows, the cooking shows, and so many other shows that you can watch for free with your Roku. You purchase your Roku and it’s yours, no monthly bills anymore. You can add channels with tons of movies if you wish for around $8.95 a month. Still a FAR cry from the cable bill you have right now I’m sure. You just connect Roku to your Wi-fi and your ready to start to watch all your favorite shows! The Roku 3 would make a great gift for the holidays as well and it comes with 3 FREE months of Hulu Plus and 60 Days of Rdio Unlimited with the Purchase of Any Roku Device!

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