Revel Star Wars Last Jedi Models Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Star wars millennium falcon

I received the Revel 1/78 Poe’s Boosted X-wing Fighter™ Plastic Model Kit, 1/164 Millennium Falcon™ Plastic Model Kit and 1/164 First Order Heavy Assault AT-M6 Walker™ Plastic Model Kit the Last Jedi Star Wars Models to put together with my son’s. They are huge star wars fans and have watched every movie released. So they were so excited about the models and putting them together with me. We looked at both of the models and the boys chose which one they would like to put together.

star wars walker model

Since it was their second models they were putting together I just wanted to see if they could put it together by themselves. I have to say that made them pretty excited, so I was working on my laptop and watching them but just peeking to make sure all was going well with putting them together. They put the pieces out in front of them and started to read the instructions on how to put the model together. The boys were laughing and having a great time putting their model’s together.

They were doing really good putting them together and of course I acted like I was not paying attention but I was watching so I could see if it was easy or hard for them to put together. They were having no problems putting each piece together and you could just see in their eyes how excited they were as they continued to put it together. They kept telling each other to look and see how far each of them had gotten on their model. When they had finished the models, I was thrilled to see that they had not needed me to help them at all which was great since it was only the second model that they had put together. I figured they would need a little guidance but they did it all by themselves. When I asked the boys if it was difficult at any point to put the models together they stated it was not hard but that they loved the finished models.

star wars X wing fighter

I have to say that they are so excited about making models now and want to have shelves in their room to display them on. They are both avid fans of Revel models now. They wanted to know when they would be getting the next model to add to their collection. I told them that they better add it to their Santa lists so that he knows what they would like. So both of the boys have been look for which models they would like to add to their lists on the site. I have to say that before the boys put the models together they had said that they did not want to put any together they were not interested in them at all. However, it is now a whole different story. They now want to put them together and start a collection.

The pieces for the models are a nice size and when they are put together go together easily. They also loved the Star Wars models, they really kept their interest as well as got them excited about making more of them. They just loved the way they looked when they were put together. Both of the boys stated they looked just like the ones in the movies. They had to show everyone how well they did as they were so proud of the models. Everyone that they showed them to just loved the models and want to get and make them as well. You can use the store locator to find where to purchase these great

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