How To Remove Mice From Your Home


If your like me, you can not stand the thought of mice, the scratching sounds they make, the way they get into everything. You want them gone NOW! There are some easy steps you can take to get rid of mice. They are painless, and will work quickly! Mice females can have 5 to 10 litters a year, which each litter producing up to 10 mice. Which can create a nasty event in your home! So getting rid of them quickly and easily is the best way.

I have given you easy steps to get rid of these little pests that will not cost you a lot of money. It’s the best way to get rid of them and have your home back to normal.

Step 1: You will want to put open foods into a glass or metal container to make it hard for the mice to get at foods. They can not get them opened, so their food supply is cut off. Which is the reason that they are there. If there is no food they will move onto somewhere that they can find food.

Step 2: Make sure your garbage can that is in the home and outside of your home has a tight lid on it. If they can not get into it, it will again cut off their food supply and they will move on. There is nothing attracting them.

Step 3: A Cat, that is a mouser, is a natural way to get rid of mice. They stop dead in their tracks and HATE the sight of a cat. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of mice as cats will eat mice.

Step 4: If your like me and your allergic to cats, you can sometimes use Cat litter to place around and make the mice think there is a cat in the home and they will leave as well. The thought of a cat gives them a little heart attack.

mouse traps

Step 5: I’m a fan of the Tom Cat Mouse traps, I purchase the reusable traps, as I do not EVER have to lift anything that is near the mouse. I only have to touch the spot that I use to open the traps. I can use my hand to open them or step on them to open them. There is a Black Tom Cat Trap or there is Victor Cream colored trap with a “V” red design on them. I prefer the cream colored as it will catch big or small mice. The Black ones have a tendency to catch the larger but have a problem getting the little ones.

Step 6: Peppermint Oil, is another way to deter the mice. It will not kill them but it’s said that they do not like the smell of it so they will leave. If you place the Peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them around your house they will leave as they do not like the scent of the oil.

Step 7: Keep your table, counters, Stove, top of your fridge, and cabinets clean. Make sure not to leave dishes in the sink as anywhere they can get food they will go to the source. It will make it harder to get rid of them. You want to get rid of any bagged foods, by putting them into containers. No food for them they leave, the same way that they came in.

Step 8: Be sure to wipe off all your regularly-used counters with household cleaner and disinfectant. It helps to keep them away from the area and keep it clean as well.

Step 9: Close up any holes that have allowed the mice to get in, caulk any open areas outside or use cement or metal so that the mice can’t get through them. It’s a great way to ensure they will not return. You can find the spots they are entering by walking around the exterior of your home and looking around doors, patio doors, windows, check window wells, and other areas to make sure your home is secure.

Step 10: You can also use D-con mouse bait but then you have to go around looking daily for bodies and removing them or they will start to stink. It’s a last resort if the above doesn’t work. If you use it then be sure to check your cabinets, drawer under the stove, and other places around your home for bodies as well as under furniture to find their bodies and remove them right away.

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