Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held Showerhead Review And Giveaway Exp 7/6 #Giveaway #Showerhead

Rejuv shower head

Do you need a new showerhead? Is your shower not giving your the water pressure that you hoped for? I know our shower use to be this way! Are you tired of the trickle of water from your shower and your trying to get under the few drops that are coming out? Have you tried to clean your shower head to get more water but it’s still not flowing correctly? It can be so frustrating when all you want is a shower to cool off from the summer heat, clean up from the jog you just went on or other summer fun activities to little to no water pressure from your shower head.

If your done with your shower head disappointing you and not saving you money on your water bill as well, then you will want to check out the Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held Showerhead. I received the Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held Showerhead to review with our family. It was so easy to install, it only took me a few minutes to have it up and ready for the first shower. Our old shower head was lagging and a new one was needed but I was trying to figure out which would be the best for our family. During that time, I saw the Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held Showerhead so I was looking forward to trying it as it can be used as a single or dual shower head.

When I installed it, I checked the water pressure after it was installed and it worked great. I then had my son try it first to see if he would notice the difference. He noticed it right away, he took an extra long shower as he said his skin felt so good that he didn’t want to get out. When he did come out, he said it was a great shower and that he loved it better then all the other showers he has taken. I took my shower next and I have to say that it’s not your normal shower head, it was like the water beaded up and moisturized my skin. My daughter has really bad dry skin and her skin even looked better after a few showers. We have always had a problem with her dry skin and showers dry it out even more. So she was really excited about the showerhead as well. It received 5 thumbs up from our family.

We have been using the Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held Showerhead for almost a year and we are still in love with it! The water pressure is still great and our family is still in love with it!

**Disclosure** I received the Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held Showerhead to review for this post. All opinions are those of my family and myself.

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