Why Should You Purchase More School Supplies Now?

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It’s that time of year again! The kids are still having fun with their summer break while parents are getting back to school needs purchased. Everyone is getting excited about the up coming school year, and all the new school clothes and supplies. This is my children’s favorite time of year, they just love summer and well, they aren’t excited about the clothes shopping at first but they do get into the spirit shortly after we start to try on clothes.

I know it’s early still but right after school starts, it seems that Christmas sneaks right up on us as well. So I wanted to give you a tip to purchase extra school supplies now for of course the rest of the school year to keep the costs down. However, you may want to pick up even a little more extra supplies for the holidays, we will be showing you some great crafts that you can make for your children’s teachers to give them as gifts. So purchasing them now will save you money on Christmas gifts. Right now you can purchase supplies for very reasonable instead of paying full price around the holidays. We always want to keep your budget down as well so we thought we would warn you now that we will have some great teacher’s gifts for the holidays made with school supplies.

I know some dread talking about Christmas when the sun is still shining and it’s beautiful outside but sometimes we just have to sneak it in there to save money. I suggest purchasing extra pencils, Crayons, Markers, pens, and rulers for the projects that we will be making. The gifts are going to be perfect for the holidays and your children will be so excited about giving them to their teacher. If you purchase them now, you could make gifts that are under $5 for your child’s teacher.

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