Pop-In-Kins Elf Fun with Christopher Bookset (Like Elf On A Shelf) $15.34

Pop in kins elf

The Pop-In-Kins Elf Fun with Christopher Bookset
is just like the Elf On A shelf, same concept, almost the same story and an adorable elf that takes your children on adventures all the way up to the holidays. Christopher is sent to your family to check on your children and how they are behaving and then he reports back to Santa about how your children have been during the holiday season. If they have been naughty or nice. Each night Christopher goes on a new adventure, and every morning your child can wake up and see what adventure Christopher has been on in your home.

It’s a great holiday tradition to start for your family and so much fun for everyone from toddler to adult. You decide what new adventure Christopher will go on from riding in a toy car to decorating the house, or leaving treats for the kiddies. There are so many adventures that your family and Christopher can go on together. This price won’t last long so grab it while you can it’s a little over half price right now but that could change at any time! Start a new tradition for your family that you will all cherish and remember.

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