Pom Pom Wow Ultimate Variety Pack Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Have you seen the Pom Pom Wow Products? I received a Pom Pom Product to make so that I could tell you all about it. I received it at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair where it was an amazing time! Pom Pom Wow was there and they had the huge “cave” that was covered in Pom Poms that took literally over hundreds of hours for them to make but I think it was well worth their time! It came out amazing! The pom pom Wow were so soft to the touch as well. When you went inside the cave it showed you what Pom Pom Wow were and all the amazing things that you could make with them. They also had tables of items that were made with the Pom Pom Wow on display. I have to say I was just amazed at all the things that you can use them to create things with.
I thought they looked a little difficult to make but when I tried the kit that I received I found it wasn’t difficult to do at all. It was fairly easy to do and they were so adorable when they are finished. You can turn older things in your home from lampshades to pillows into a whole new look with Pom Pom Wow. You could also purchase one of the many kits that they offer and make a great new project. I have to say that these are just genius for girls to make something that they love their own. They can let their creative juices flow or they can just do as directed on the instructions that are easy to follow.
There are so many creative ideas that they have come up with that any girl is just going to love their products. You don’t have to be a girly girl to just love the products. The Pom Pom Wow are just so cute and the way you use them is very creative that they can create so many different looks and make great additions to their room with the Pom Pom Wow. They could create their whole room with a Pom Pom Wow make over so that it’s their own style and it is made by them. I had my niece help me to create my Pom Pom Wow project and she is just hooked on it. She now wants to do her room in Pom Pom Wow products. She loves being crafty and creating her own style so she is just in love with their products.
Your child could also make their own Christmas gifts with Pom Pom Wows Ultimate Kit, designs for their friends and family. They could do purses, lampshades, and so much more. The possibilities are really endless. At the Chicago Toy and Game Fair they even made a dress for the fashion show that was held there out of Pom Pom Wow as you can see in the photo below it’s one of their staff with me and she is wearing the dress and wings with it. So even those creative girls who don’t want to wear the tradition Prom or homecoming dresses, you could make your own Pom Pom Wow dress for your special event and it will have your own special flair. No one will be wearing that dress to the event! You will be stylish and as colorful as you want. The sky is the limit with Pom Pom Wow as you can see from all the great photos. I would love to see how creative our readers get so if you purchase Pom Pom Wow be sure to share it on here so that we can see your amazing designs as well! I can hardly wait to see how creative you are with them.

Pom Pom Wow’s can be found at Target, Walmart, Amazon, K-mart and Toys R Us. So be sure to grab their products for the crafty people on your Christmas Shopping lists.

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