Are You Planning A Disney Vacation??? Here Is A Great Way To Announce It To The Family

Some of you know that we are planning a Disney Vacation for 2015! EEK! I know so exciting! I have to say I can not wait to announce it to the family that we are going! I have several great ideas planned for announcing the trip to the family that we are going like we will be telling them it’s movie night and putting on the Free Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD on for the kids. You can get one as well by clicking on the picture.

Once the kids and family are squealing with excitement about going we will then be using our Free Disney Custom Maps to plan our fast passes, what shows we want to see, the restaurants that we will eat in, and so much more. I love that we can start to plan our trip for free! You can get your Free Customized Maps by clicking on the photo.

Now, be sure to put both of them in a safe place while your on your trip! Because they are not only good for planning! While your on your trip, remember to purchase fun Disney Scrapbooking pages and other scrapbooking materials, as well as take plenty of photos (I know, like I have to tell you to take photos! lol). You will also want to pick up other maps, Pamphlets from shows you go to, and other things that you loved while you were there. Why???

So you can make the perfect memories to keep visible in your home to remind you and your family how much fun you had on your Disney trip. Once you have unpacked and are in a normal routine again, if that’s possible, I mean it is Disney the most magical place on earth after all.

I suggest that you keep all of your scrapbooking items together when you unpack so that you have them when your ready to create your memory Shadow boxes. You can choose from different sizes and make several of them to display your adventure at Disney. I suggest using a variety of sizes so that it tells a story they are available in Lawrence Frames Black Wood Treasure Box Shadow Box Picture Frame, 8 by 8-Inch, Lawrence Frames Espresso Wood Treasure Box Shadow Box Picture Frame, 10 by 10-Inch, Lawrence Frames Black Wood Treasure Box Shadow Box Picture Frame, 12 by 12-Inch, and many other sizes and colored frames. You can use the scrapbook pages and other scrapbooking cutouts to create beautiful memories with the different pamphlets and photos. You can then display them in your home where you would like to and they will always remind you and your family of all the fun you had till your next Disney adventure.

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