Peppy Pups the Perfect Easter Basket Friend or Birthday Gift! #PeppyPups

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Happy National Puppy day to all you fur baby owners. I know there are many of us who can not own an adorable little fur baby because of allergies or because where we live at do not allow them. We of course have children who would do anything to own one and beg for one all the time. Don’t worry your not alone! My son’s and grandchildren are right there with them. However, they can not own one because we live in a place that doesn’t allow pets.

If your in the same boat as we are then let me introduce you to Peppy Pups. Is it just me or are they just to adorable! Your child can bring Peppy Pups with them anywhere they go! They will go on walks with them, be your child’s best friend, and how could you not love their little faces! My granddaughter is already asking for one! She keeps telling me Nana, I need that puppy! So of course, Nana is going to have to spoil her and get her one. I know what your thinking, where can I get one of these adorable Peppy Pups? Amazon and Target carry the adorable Peppy Pups.

Not only can your Peppy Pup walk, run and his bell rings and he is great at cuddling as well. Your child is just going to love being a great friend to their own Peppy Pups. I would get a head start on Christmas shopping now because I believe this little cutie is going to be on all the kids lists this holiday season! Don’t forget that Easter is coming up as well and wouldn’t he look adorable in a basket! The perfect size and the perfect pal for the Easter Bunny to bring!

The Peppy Pups come in several styles and colors so your sure to find the perfect one for your child or for a gift. Let’s not also forget all the great exercise that your child is going to get with their Peppy Pup as well. It’s a parent win and a child win at the same time! Let’s be honest, how many wins do we parents get where the children and the parents get what they want? It’s going to be summer soon as well and they can have their Peppy Pups with them to keep them entertained on the car trips. They can show them all the things they are seeing while you travel.

How adorable is your child going to be while playing with their Peppy pups. All those great pictures you can take for their scrapbook, so you can show them their favorite toys and how cute they were while playing with it. Come on, we all do it, they are just to cute not to take photos of them. You know I’m right! I can’t wait to get my grandkids each a Peppy pups and then get some great photos of them playing with them. I love that they can all get different ones so there will be no fighting over which one is their Peppy Pup. Which Peppy Pups is going to be your child’s favorite?

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