PeachSkin Sheets Review And Giveaway Exp: 11/30 #Bedding #Contest #Giveaway

Peachtreesheet sets

I received a set of PeachSkin Sheets to review. When they arrived I have to say that they came in a cute little bag that you can store them in when they are not in use or you can place them in your linen closet.

When I opened the little bag that the sheets arrived in, they were the perfect color that I had requested. The sheets were so soft, the material felt so rich that I could wait to go to sleep on them later that night. As I made the bed, I finished and I just laid on the sheets thinking that maybe a nap would be wonderful. Of course my son’s came in and climbed on my bed so they could see what the sheets felt like as well. They loved the feel as much as I did. Of course they also decided that I wasn’t going to be getting a nap as well.

I did relax on them for a long while, and then I finished making the bed. The new sheets were going to have to wait a little while longer. They were so soft, so inviting, and I was looking forward to having a great rest that night while curled up in them. When I did finally make it to bed that night I pulled up the sheet along with my blanket and just kept rubbing my hand over the sheets. I slept really well that night, so much so that in the morning, well, I wanted to just sleep a little longer and stay wrapped into the sheets and blankets. However, Mom duties called, and there was breakfast to make, but I could still daydream that I was back in bed all wrapped up in them.

Updated Color Swatches

I love that Peachskin Sheets has a wide variety of colors available to match your color wheel in your bedroom. Did you know they also offer a free sheet swatch for you to see the colors and feel the sheets for yourself. They also offer a $55 Color of the month deal that come in a variety of sizes and colors. The deal changes every month, and is a great deal to keep adding to your linens! So that the whole family can have PeachSkin Sheets on their bed. They offer sheet sizes from Dorm, Twin, Full, Queen, California King, Regular King, and Split King sized sheets as well. So they are sure to have the perfect size for your bed.

We are so excited to also announce that has allowed us to do a giveaway on our blog for a set of sheets that you will be able to choose to fit your bed and the color you would like as well. How amazing is that! The holidays are coming, it’s getting colder outside and how great would it be to curl up in new sheets this holiday season! We would like to thank for allowing us to have this great giveaway! Good Luck everyone!

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8 Responses to PeachSkin Sheets Review And Giveaway Exp: 11/30 #Bedding #Contest #Giveaway

  1. Will G says:

    I chose Almond Ivory.

  2. Anna Pry says:

    mariner blue for my daughter’s room, she likes blues

  3. Rajee Pandi says:

    red velvet

  4. amanda whitley says:

    i requested mint julep and Mariner Blue

  5. Michaela Kay says:

    I choose Beach Blue, I like having blue tones in my bedroom. It soothes me.

  6. Patricia lynn says:

    Would like to order two pairs of sheets. One yellow queen size. One pair of almond full size(deep pocket). At sale price love the sheets.

    • A Mom's Paradise says:

      Hello Patricia,

      Click on the blue link in the post and it will take you to their website so
      you can order the sheet sets you would like. I can tell you that you will LOVE them! Happy shopping!

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