Pay Cash for your Gas, Gas Stations putting up to $75 hold extra on pay at the pumps!

You could be Charged more then you expect if you pay at the pump when getting gas! You expect to pay just what you pumped but is that always the case? I’m afraid the answer is no!

Always pay inside with your credit card or pay with cash. Why? There are more and more Gas Stations that are charging up to $75 hold more then what you have pumped. When you least expect it this could happen to you. I had it happen at a couple of gas stations and when I questioned them about it I was told it’s policy. However, when I asked them why it doesn’t notify a customer on the pump they stated they do not have to! They can hold the funds till your payment for the gas clears and that could take up to 3 days! So if your Credit Card is one that comes out of your actual Bank account you could be thinking you have more money then you actually do. At which point you could get over drafts from your bank and more charges that you are not going to be happy about paying.

So it is really just easier to pay inside or pay cash for the gas that you pump instead of risking the up to $75 hold on your funds. Not to mention the rising gas prices are putting a crunch on our budgets already, so it could just put added strain on your budget to have the hold put on your funds. It would be great if they told you that they did it but most do not alert you. You find out the hard way, usually when your going to purchase something you need and find you have no funds do to that lovely hold on your funds.

Please keep this in mind when you head to the pump next time. It could save you a lot of headaches in the long run. 🙂

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