Panda Express: Today we’re celebrating those who give thanks by giving out 888 gift cards in 8 hours #Sharejoy

Panda Express share the joy

WOW! Today will be giving away 888 gift cards that are $20 each! They will be “Joy-spotting” today on twitter and seeing who tweets out their moments of joy and thanks, and randomly surprising 888 of them in 8 hours with a $20 gift card.

So be sure to tweet out your joys and thankful moments and use the hashtag #Sharejoy and you may be one of the lucky 888 that will receive a $20 gift card for Panda Express! In a season where life can a little hectic we wanted to take a pause and bring a little joy to the twittersphere. Panda Express is giving users an opportunity to stop and share a meal with someone they care about, courtesy of Panda.

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