Deadpool 3D Deco Light Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Calling all Super Hero fans! If you have a super hero fan then they are going to just love this Deadpool 3D Deco Light it will be the perfect addition to any super hero room. My son’s are huge into super hero’s and their room is done in Super Hero everything. They just love it. So of course why not add a Deadpool 3D Deco Light for a night light to add some more light for at night.

My son’s like to have a light in the room but I don’t like to leave their room light on so I thought this would be a great compromise as they do not like the normal night lights. They get up a lot in the middle of the night so the light comes in handy for them. So why not have it help decorate their room and fit right in with the rest of their décor. They were so excited when I showed them the Deadpool 3D Deco Light and they couldn’t wait to put it on the wall. So I helped them put it on the wall with the wall decal where they wanted the light to go. I then put the light up after putting in the batteries for it. I really like that it doesn’t plug in so that I don’t have to worry about the cord or having it near an outlet for it to work.


When I got it up on the wall it was during the day. So the boys couldn’t wait for the night to come so that they could see the light in the dark. They could see by the light but it wouldn’t keep them up at night being to bright. They could get up at night see around the room, go to the bathroom, or get something that they needed and then go back to sleep. They just loved the light, and that it was perfect for their room. I told the boys that they were not to play with the Deadpool 3D Deco Light. That they could use it for their light but it’s not a toy. So they were happy with that.

When they go to bed their light goes on and in the morning the light goes off again. It is really perfect for them and their room décor needs. The lights do come in many different characters like Deadpool, Star Wars Characters, Iron Man, Guardians of the galaxy, Disney, Paw Patrol, Cars, Minions and so many other different character lights. You can purchase them from Think Geek, Target stores, and several other stores.

The Deadpool 3D Deco light has made getting the boys to go into their room and stay there so much easier. They look forward to bedtime and having their Deadpool light in their room and keeping the room bright for them in case they wake up. It really has been the ideal night light as I don’t have to worry about my grandchildren getting ahold of it and breaking it. I also don’t have to worry about them following the cord to the outlet and getting hurt since there is no cord. It really does make their room look great. We are going to be adding a few more of the 3D deco lights that are super hero’s to their room. They really love them. They would make a great gift for any super hero fan, but they do come in a wide selection of other characters for both boys and girls so your sure to find something that will fit perfectly into their room.

Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Capresso water kettle1

I received the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle to review. Which I have to say couldn’t have arrived at a better time. My son had come down with an end of summer cold/flu. When he is sick he loves to have Green tea with Starmint candy and honey in it to help clear his sinuses. So I usually have to microwave 3 mugs of water at a time for him so that he can have plenty on hand and I won’t have to make it every 5 minutes for him.

Well, the first day of his cold/flu the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle arrived. I put the water in and it was just perfect. I didn’t have to keep making his tea, he was able to sit in his chair and make it himself. Which he loved doing even though he wasn’t feeling well. He could make it when ever he wanted and it was ready in minutes. He was so thrilled that he could make his tea on his own and he started to feel better as well. He used it for the couple of days he was sick and felt so much better. It was so easy to use that he was able to fill it with the water and then bring it right by him so it was available when he wanted it.

Capresso water kettle2

Two days later he was feeling better, but of course I came down with it so our Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle has really been getting a workout between all of us taking turns being sick. I have to say it works so well, I just love the auto shut off as well in case you have med head and forget to turn it off. I’m looking forward to this winter as well. When we can make hot chocolate and other goodies to keep us warm this season. My son’s are so excited to be able to make their own hot drinks to stay warm when they want them.

It’s been wonderful for the family to make their own drinks and make my son’s more independent when they would like something to drink. The kettle is just perfect for the family, it holds 6 cups of water so that your ready for when your favorite drinks you can have them. I also love that my son’s can make their instant oatmeal all by themselves with it as well. It is really able to help make so many delicious drinks and foods for your family. Your children can be more independent and you will just love it as well. The family can have game night and make all their favorite drinks while they stay at their place at the game. Make life easier for yourself as well as your family with the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle. It would make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Trust me, as I’m writing this review I am enjoying a nice cup of green tea and working on getting over my cold. The kettle has made my life so much easier while being sick. Let the Capresso Glass Rapid Boil Water Kettle make your life easier as well.

DIY Family Photos And Saying Canvas #DIY #FathersDay #Christmas #HandmadeGift #Canvas #Photos #Gift

I wanted to share this easy to make Family Photos and saying canvas that looks great on your wall or makes a great gift! They are easy to put together and you will just love them when they are done. I chose to make a completely black and white canvas for this project. However, you can print out colored pictures and use any color to paint the canvas. All of the project needs can be found at your local Walmart. You can use regular photos as well if you would like the pictures to have color in them and Walmart’s photo department can print pictures for you as well.

Materials needed:
11 X 14 Canvas or any size you want (
Acrylic paint
Printed photos either Black and white or color from regular or inkjet printer
Modge Podge
Foam brushes (They have a brush handle with foam on the end)
Letter stickers or vinyl cut saying that you want on your canvas

dads canvas7resized1

You will start with your blank canvas and then paint it the color of your choice. Now, if your doing the black and white photos, the black painted canvas comes out very pretty, of course the choice in colors is yours.

dads canvas6resized1

Once you have painted your canvas, you will let it completely dry and touch up any spots that need it.

You will now add any saying that you would like on your canvas, I made this one for my father so the saying is perfect for him. You can use a ruler to make sure your words are lined up and you can place them correctly. You will also want to make sure that their is enough room on the sides of the saying to add your photos as well.

dads canvas2resized1

You will line up the photos where you would like them to go on your canvas. Make sure you check to see that all photos are lined up with the edge of the canvas so you get the correct view and that the sizes of the photos are the way you want them. Once you have them all lined up the way you would like them then you can move onto your next step. You will want then put a thin coat of Modge Podge and then place your photo on the modge podge photo side up.

dads canvas4resized1

Now that you have all of your photos modge podged down on your canvas and let them dry for at least an hour. You will now put a thin layer of Modge Podge over the top of the photos. Then let it dry completely. Your photos are now perfect and your DIY canvas is complete.

Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Calling all Harry Potter Fans! If you weren’t aware the Harry Potter Magical Beasts movie is out in Theaters. If you haven’t seen it then put it on your list to go see. It’s a new spin off of the Harry Potter movies and from what I have heard the movie is as amazing as the other Harry Potter movies so you won’t be disappointed. So you can enter another world again and see all the mystical creatures that are running amok. Then we have a game that is a must have for Harry Potter fans as well.

The Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game isn’t like any other game that you have played. It has a game board but it’s not just one sided, you can flip the board to go from the interior of Hogwarts to the grounds to continue to play and find the clues and elements to capture the beasts that are running amok. You can choose which player you want to be from Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, or Ginny Weasley. Your favorite wizard can be yours to play the game with and you can always switch wizards as you start a new game, so your not always going to be one wizard if you do not want to.

I have to say that I was soooooo impressed with this game when I saw it at the Toy and Game Fair in November. I couldn’t believe that the board was able to go between the grounds and Hogwarts with a simple flip of the game board. They really pulled out all the stops with this game. It will get Harry Potter fans completely excited about playing. My oldest son is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, he has all the movies and has wore them out so much that we had to purchase new Harry potter movies. So when I showed him the game and he was so excited that he wanted to play right away.

So we set up the game board and we started to play. My son loved that he was able to be his favorite characters in the movies. He was Harry Potter and I was Hermione when we played. It was such a great adventure to play with him and get clues as we played so that we could capture the magical beasts. We loved that it had the Hogwarts interior and the grounds, it made if feel like you were apart of being in the movie as well. We have been playing the game over and over again as my son’s just love the game. We will be playing again today as it’s cold outside and the boys requested another game day. So I told them that after we shovel the new snow that we got last night that we would come in for some hot chocolate and play games.

If you have a Harry Potter Fan on your Christmas list they are going to love playing Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game. It’s really fun and creative with the swinging boards so your not stuck with just one board to play on. I have to say that it’s a great game that even I like to play with my son’s. Let the games begin and have your wands at the ready! The fun never ends with the Harry Potter Magical Beasts Game.

Shark Bite Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Shark Bite game

I received the Shark Bite Game to review with my family. I read the instructions before calling the kids to play the game. I then put the game together and they were so excited to play, they love playing games as a family. They also love fishing so I was looking forward to what they thought of the game.

I placed all the fish, crabs and other pieces into the sharks mouth. Then we took turns with the youngest going first. She picked which piece she wanted to fish for and pulled up a crab. So I asked her what it was that she pulled out. She didn’t know it was a crab, so I explained it to her. She was all excited that she pulled the crab out. My other granddaughter played her turn and pulled out a fish, she was so excited that she got her fish without the shark taking it back by closing his mouth on it. We all went around and took our turns fishing. When the youngest granddaughter went to take her turn again the shark closed it’s mouth. Her reaction was just priceless! Her eyes got huge and she told the shark that the piece was hers not his! lol

Shark bite game 1

I set the game up again and we continued to play. I loved that the piece that would close the sharks mouth was always changing so you never knew which piece would cause the shark to close his mouth. The kids just loved the game and they were having so much fun playing and giggling while playing. It also was a great way to get the kids learning new animals that they hadn’t seen or heard about before. My youngest granddaughter just loves the crab so she goes to fish for it every time it’s her turn. The rest of the kids just choose one and then go fishing for it. We kept having so much fun and the kids wanted to keep playing. I really liked the game as well, it was easy to set up, the family had so much fun with it, it really kept their attention during the game they didn’t wonder off when it wasn’t their turn. You can purchase Shark Bite at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon and your other favorite stores.

I also used the Shark Bite Game for educational purposes as well. We pulled out books that were about sharks, crabs, and different fish. I then let them pick about what they wanted me to teach them. We ended up going through just about all of the books because they were so excited to learn more about who lives in the sea. I love when we can play a game and I can turn it into an educational experience for the kids as well. It opened their eyes to a whole new world and they loved learning about them all.

Shark Bite is a great game for everyone in the family to play. It would be a great game for homeschoolers as well to use for education as well. The perfect gift for a birthday or the holidays as well!

Rummikub Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Rummikub is a wonderful game for the whole family to play together. It is a family favorite here, from my son’s to my mother, we all love to play. It really helps with learning to count, colors, and having a great time together. The tiles come with numbers in different colors and smiley faces which are your wild tiles.

To start the game someone needs to be able to “Meld” which is where each player lays down the value of 30 points or they can not play and they will pick a tile and then it goes to the next player if they can not “Meld”. Then once you have “Meld” you can lay your tiles down in any points that are available on your tile holder. You continue to play till all the tiles are laid out. We have had so much fun playing this game. You can lay 3 of the same numbers but in different colors. The other tiles that you can lay down are the sequenced numbers but they must be in the same colors.

It has been so much fun watching my son’s learn to play and having a fun time playing. It has really helped them with their math skills, it’s a great Stem game for them to work on their small motor skills as well. My granddaughter’s have used the tiles to learn their colors when the kids play. We just have a lot of fun when we are playing. The boys favorite part is when they have titles that match the ones that we have all already laid down. So when I played the 6,7,8 in orange and they have the 9 orange they can play that tile on my tiles and get points for it.

You can play and keep score of you can play without keeping score. When we play with my son’s, I normally don’t keep a points sheet, we go by who ever runs out of tiles is the winner. The boys love playing the game and they have been asking for us to keep playing it because they love it so much. I can see us playing it a lot over the Christmas break when it’s to cold to go outside. I have already talked to my son’s about having an unplugged Christmas vacation. So we will be playing a lot of board games, science experiments, baking, and other fun activities.

This game will be hours of family fun to play, or you could play a quick game as well. If your looking for a great game for the family to play at Christmas time Rummikub should be on the top of your list. It is going to be a great time and a great change of pace if your looking for a new game to play. It would also make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas shopping list! Trust me they will be thanking you for the game. I know we are going to be bringing Rummikub camping with us as well! We love to stay at a cabin during the summer and we unplug for a week and just have a great time fishing, playing games, being out in nature, and having together time. It is something that we look forward to every summer.

Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Harry Potter and the Magical Beast Game

I received the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game to review with my family. My oldest son is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and has been since he was little. We have watched every Harry Potter Movie at least a thousand times each! No, that is not an exaggeration by any means. He just loves the movies and anything to do with Harry Potter. My other son, is less of a Harry Potter fan due to my oldest son’s love of Harry potter. So we were excited to play the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game together.

I loved that it was made different then the game it’s a little modeled from Sorry. The twist of the game is that it has a deck of cards that you use that can instantly change the game and where the players game pieces are. We started to play the game and my younger son went first. He landed on the “draw” space so he was able to take one of the cards from the deck and move his piece to anywhere he wanted on the board that was open. He chose a space that had another “draw” space so he could choose another card. The card he chose let him move another piece out into the start space.

We were having so much fun playing the game and waiting to see who would get a “draw” card and what they would have to do next. My youngest son was having a blast playing as was my older son. We played several games as we didn’t want to have the fun end. My cousin and her son’s came over to visit so they all continued to play while my cousin and I visited. My cousins son’s just loved the game as well, they told my cousin that they wanted the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game for their family game nights at home. So my cousin is going to go buy it. Her son’s aren’t usually into playing a lot of board games but she was thrilled that they really liked to play the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game.

Harry Potter Triwizard game pressman1

The boys kept playing the whole time they were visiting. They were laughing and having a great time. Every time they made it around the board and to their “home”, they would all cheer. It was so adorable to watch and my cousin and I were able to visit while we knew the boys were busy having a great time. We lost track of how many times they played the game.

The Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game would make a great addition to your family board game nights. You can purchase it for a great gift as well for a birthday or the holiday season. The child who receives it will just love it. There really is hours and hours of fun they can have while playing this game! We will be playing it for a long time to come as our family loves to have unplugged days and do other fun things to occupy our time with and just spend time together making memories. This game is helping us to make some wonderful memories that we will all cherish.

Sweet Potatoe And Apple Bake #Recipes #SweetPotato #Thanksgiving

sweet Potatoes and Apple Casserole

This easy dish is filled with amazing flavor that your family will love. The flavors are swirled throughout the dish, and even if your family will normally not eat Sweet Potatoes they will love this dish. It’s so simple to make and it will be gone in a flash. If your making it for a holiday dish I suggest doubling the recipe so that you will have enough for everyone.


3 Large Sweet Potatoes
5 Gala Apples
Ground Cinnamon
Brown Sugar

* Boil your Sweet Potatoes till they are Soft and your able to Peel the skin off about 20-30 minutes

* After you let your Sweet Potatoes cool, peel and cut in half, then cut into large slices and place to the side

* Peel and cut your apples into slices and place to the side

* Use a 9 X 13 Pan to place a row of slices of Sweet Potatoes and then top with a row of Apples

* Sprinkle cinnamon over the top and drizzle Honey over the top of the cinnamon and top with a light layer of Brown sugar

* Continue to layer the ingredients till your pan is full

* Cover with Foil and bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes till the apples are soft, then it’s ready to serve