Is it just me? Could use some info on the blog

Is it just my computer that is having a rough day or are you see the Kraft coupon for the Grab my button on the left side of the blog as well? I’m having a hard time doing the posts today I’m not sure if they are working on the systems or what the problem is but I can’t post pictures right now, put things into catagories or a couple of other things. Are you seeing some crazy things on the blog as well?

Swagbuck’s Rewards program

This is a great way to get some of your Christmas gifts for people on your Christmas list for free! I just cashed in some of my Swagbucks for a $25 e-gift card!

What is You purchase gift certificates from them and use them at your local Restaurants that are participating in this program. For a $25 Certificate you must purchase $35 at some restaurants and your bill will be only $10 for a great night out with your spouse! Throw in a movie rental at redbox and you really have a frugal “Date” night!

There are so many different items you can choose from to use your swagbucks on from posters for you teen to an iphone. It’s free to sign up and who doesn’t like FREE things!

How do you earn Swagbucks? You can download their search bar and while searching the net earn swagbucks, also on the toolbar there are messages that come through that you redeem for more swagbucks (You must check it to see them, they do not pop up on your screen), or you can take survey’s that are simple and earn you 50-100 swagbucks just for taking a few minutes out of your day to do one. How great is that! It couldn’t get easier to get free items if they wanted to!

Tuesday’s equal 10% off at the Gap

Tuesday’s are 10% off days at the Gap until 12/31/2010 When you shop through Ebates. Not only that BUT when you spend $50 you get free shipping and 10.0% cash back as well!

Ebates is free to sign up for and you can use it at 1200 of your favorite stores! Did I mention that you can get cash back on all your purchases at those stores as well! If you haven’t signed up yet your missing out on getting your money back on your purchases.