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I have been following your story Brittany since it started to come to light in the news, on CNN, as well as many other social medias. It has really started a debate about if dying with dignity is something that should be offered to other terminal patients. Your story really hits home for me as well as my family. My now 12 year old son was diagnosed at the age of 3 with an Astrocytoma Brain Tumor that he was actually born with. His brain tumor is located in and around the brain stem so it also can not be removed. He, like you, has dealt well with the different changes from his medications, going through treatments, and more then he or I care to remember at times.

I continue to follow your journey, and was excited to see that you fulfilled your Bucket List when you visited the Grand Canyon. We enjoyed the beautiful photos of you and your family from your visit as well. You have been on my mind constantly this week, as Nov. 1st was fast approaching, and I wondered if you would continue your journey or decide to continue your journey with Death With Dignity. When I watched your video on CNN stating that at this time that you would be holding off with your Death with Dignity plan as your still able to continue on with your journey, I felt a rush of joy. Not because your choosing to live at the moment but because it meant more time for you to spend with your husband and family and enjoying life a little longer. I understand this could change at any time.


Your journey is yours, and yours alone, only you can make the choices for you and how your journey continues and what path you will go down. However, I did want to write to you to let you know that your story has very much inspired us as well as your family. I hope that if one day my son decides to make the choice to end his journey with Death With Dignity, that I will be able to be as strong as your family has been for you. It has always been his journey, but I have supported him every step of the way of this journey and always will. I have also watched others with brain cancer finish their journey, and how it affected them and their families. So I can understand your choices. Know that we support, and understand your journey and your choices.

We of course still hope for a miracle for you and for my son, and pray for it daily. Your courage in this journey has not gone unnoticed by many, and we will continue to pray for you and your family. Please keep the positives close to your heart, the journey is yours, and only you can make your choices.

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