Noomie Remote Control Toy Review


We received the Noomie Remote Control Toy to review with my children. If you have not heard of Noomie they are zany little toys that come with a remote control for the children to direct where they go. The Noomie also has it’s own Noomian language that it speaks and you can see the translation of what it is saying so you know what it would like to do or say to your child.

We had so much fun with the Noomie, the kids loved using the remote control to have it go where they wanted, adding on it’s accessories that they come with, and translating the Noomian language so they knew what their Noomie wanted. They were having so much fun, and when my granddaughter’s came over they loved it as well! They were taking turns playing with the Noomie, they now want one for Christmas of their very own! So it has gone on their list to Santa to go under their Christmas Tree. They are just so adorable! Noomie’s come with their own accessories that are each different for each Noomie. If you have a couple of the different Noomie’s you can even have a race or make an obstacle course for them. We build an obstacle course for the Noomie to go around and it was just a blast for the kids to build and see who could get the Noomie to the end the fastest. They are the perfect gift for the holidays or a birthday!

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