MultiGrain Cheerios Twitter Party 3/22 @ 7 – 8 PM CST

Tara Costa, a record breaking contestant and inspiration on Season 7 of “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” will be chatting live with us tomorrow! She will be sharing about her time on the Ranch, life in the real world, and what her daily routine is like now! You can follow Tara on Twitter, @Tara_Costa!

For your chance to win great giveaways, be sure to check out before the party as we will be pulling some trivia questions from the site! This week we will be talking Spring Cleaning – and no we don’t just mean tidying up the house, but what about all those household chores that have you working up a sweat?

What: MultiGrain Cheerios Twitter Party
Date: Tuesday, March 22nd
Time: 8 – 9 PM EST/ 7 – 8 PM CST
Hashtag: #MGCheerios
Panelists: @MGCheerios, @DietsinReview, @KellyOlexa,

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2 Responses to MultiGrain Cheerios Twitter Party 3/22 @ 7 – 8 PM CST

  1. Lisa Dion says:

    Sounds like fun

    • frugaldivafrenzy says:

      I didn’t make it to tonight’s but I have made it to others and you do learn a lot and you can win free boxes of Cheerios. 🙂

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