I’m So Over The Moon With My Apps On My Lumia 830 Phone #LumiaSwitch #TeamWolfeLumia @LumiaUS #Recap

photo collage app

I have found some wonderful apps to use on my Lumia 830 cell phone. There are so many great apps to choose from. A couple of them are just my favorite to use and will be fun and helpful. I am one of those mom’s that takes a TON of photo’s of my children and grandchildren so I am just in love with the Phototastic Collage so I can make a collage of recent photo’s I have taken and add the collage to my Facebook page so that my family can view them all instead of a ton of individual photo’s like I usually post. It’s a great way for the family to see them all in one collage. I can also use the Collage for my cover page on my Facebook page as well. It will always come in handy and I can make the collages anywhere at any time.

budget planning app

I also uploaded the MyBudgetPlanner app as well. I am so excited about this app as well. It’s the perfect way to keep my budget in tact and know exactly where my budget is, how much I have spent and keep my budget where I want it. I love the graphics that show me how much I am spending of my budget and where, for instance, how much I’m spending on fuel for my van, my rent, food, and so on. It also can show me how much I spent, on what and the date I spent it. So if my account and my report do not match up I can figure out why. I also plan to use this for my crafting as well, so that I know how much I have spent on materials, how much I sold the item for, and where my profits are at.

budget spending appbudget spending detail appaccount app

Not to mention that I spent an hour with my kids finding a ring tone and laughing at the ringtone app that I downloaded. There were so many fun ringtones to choose from. Husbands could choose and alert that had a siren going off and said “Back away from the phone….It’s your WIFE man!” another siren, there were hilarious redneck ringtones, a ringtone for when your boss calls that was too funny! We were just dying laughing at them all. Then the kids were up dancing with some of the ringtones as well. The Ringtone app is just awesome! Your sure to find several of them that you just HAVE to have. I’m sure I will be changing my all the time depending on the mood I’m in that day.

Disclosure: I received the Lumia 830 in exchange for taking part in the #LumiaSwitch. All opinions of the Lumia 830 are my own from using the phone. No matter if opinions are positive or negative they are my own opinions of the Lumia 830.

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