When Mom Says Get In The Car….Get IN!

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I have to say it drives me crazy when I see parents tell their children “It’s time to go” their children will run in the other direction. I have always taught my children that when I say it’s time to go it’s time to go. Now that I have granddaughter’s even my little princess’s know that when Nana says it’s time to go it’s time and they are ready to go.

Now occassionally one of the troops will decide to try to rebel. However, they remember quickly who is in charge. lol One of my little princess’s can be a little sassy at times and stubborn. So I fixed that quickly, as I have with all my children. She thought she was going to be funny and run away when I told her it was time to leave. So I gently showed her that when Nana says it’s time to go it’s time! I told my son’s to go outside our back door, I said “Goodbye to my little princess” and I shut the door. She tried to open the door but I was holding it, so she could not open it. A Few seconds later I hear her say “But I go! Nana, I go too!” So I open the door, tell her to get her shoes on and let’s go. She runs, gets her shoes on, takes my hand and we are ready to go.

We get out to the car and she starts to play games AGAIN! UGH! Okay! My son’s are in the van, so I get in, and I shut my door. I start up my van, and there is a knock on my door, “Nana, I go!” So I look at her and tell her “When Nana says it’s time to go it’s time, no more playing around.” I put her in her seat. Then we are off to where we needed to go. Now, when I tell her it’s time to go, she puts her shoes on quickly, she grabs my hand and we are out the door. She has learned that Nana is not going to play games, I’m not going to chase her, I’m not going to yell, but she is going to listen.

This morning, we had to take my daughter to work. My youngest son decides that he is going to be funny and lean against the back of my van. So my daughter starts to yell at him that she has to get work. I asked her why she was yelling at him, has she learned nothing from her past 20 years???? So I put my key in the ignition and I start my van, needless to say my son RAN got in and put his seatbelt on. I checked everyone for seat belts and we were off.

My daughter started to laugh, I said to her “What are you laughing at?” It’s just become second nature to me, so I’m looking at her like “What?”. She asks me did you do that with all of us kids? “Yep, I sure did and you all learned quickly!” Now, I had a couple that tried to be stubborn but they learned quickly that Mom, is in charge and she will always win. So they have just learned it’s easier to get in when they are told.

I’m a little old school with my children, but I can get creative if I need to so that I get my point across. However, it has worked with all of my children from my easiest child to my most stubborn as well. I have learned that being a parent sometimes means you need to be creative at times. Like in this instance, my schedule is just to crazy at times to play games with them, I need them in the car and ready to go.

If you have one of a child(ren) that do not like to go when you say it’s time, try these tips. I can tell you from the experience of many children that it does work, they will be in the car when you want them to be with seatbelt on and ready to go. We have a lot of emergency’s with my older son and my parents so chasing the children around the house or my van is not an option for me. So they have learned that it’s Mom (or Nana’s) way and there is no highway options.

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