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Moldiv makes your photos into wonderful memories that you can share on Facebook, send to your family, keep for yourself, and make wonderful photo memories. Moldiv makes perfect photo collages for your photos that you can share with anyone you would like. The best part is the app is FREE to use with your iPhone, Android phone, ipad, or other technology. It gives Smartphone users the ability to make photos into a collage, magazine cover, and more! You can use the app easily to magically create professional collages that will impress all of your friends and family.

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You choose the collage that you would like to make with your photos. There are many great options available for you to choose from. I have so many favorites and I’m sure you will love them as much as I do. There are movie looking collages, hearts and so many designs that you can create. They will be perfect for family reunions for everyone to look at while attending, perfect to use in your child’s baby book so that you can show more then one photo at a time, there are so many great uses for Moldiv, that you will wonder what you ever did with out it. Just think of all the DIY projects that you could use it for as well.

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Is it me or would this photo collage look perfect in your photo album or to send to everyone while your on vacation. They would also be perfect to use to make a photo Canvas with to hang on your wall. Moldiv will help you to make the perfect collage every time you use it! It’s so much fun to use and everyone will love looking at your photos. Don’t forget with the holidays coming up it would be perfect to make all those Holiday memories into collages for everyone who attends. The collages are so easy to share as well. Your going to be coming up with so many new ways to use Moldiv, that your going to love having it at your finger tips.

You can find Moldiv at the Appstore, Google Play, and Amazon. It’s the perfect time to start using your photos with Moldiv’s 80 basic frames and 100 premium frames to create your collages. You can combine up to nine photos into one collage and select from more than 50 photo effects for the perfect masterpiece. Let the fun begin with Moldiv! Head over to download your app and start creating your masterpiece.

*Disclosure* This post is sponsored by Moldiv, all opinions of the app are my own

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