Men’s Stetson No Fly Zone Hat Review

stetson no fly zone

I received the Men’s Stetson No Fly Zone Hat to review. It’s an outdoor men’s hat that helps to keep the bugs away from you while your working or enjoying the day.

I know a lot of men are avid fisherman, love to work outside on the lawn or work on cars and other projects. The sun is always beating down on them while they are working or enjoying the day, not to mention the flies, Asian beetles, and other bugs that become annoying as well. The sun and bugs can just ruin the day or project that your working on. I love that it’s great for using to keep the bugs and sun off of you while your having fun.

I tried it on my older son as he is suppose to keep the sun and mosquitos away from him at all times. He just loved the Men’s Stetson No Fly Zone Hat. It works so well, with the rim it keeps the sun away from his head, face, and neck. It also helps to keep the bugs away from his head as well.

I loved the Safari look of the hat as well as the tan coloring. The tan coloring will match with whatever your wearing. It’s the perfect hat to take on vacation with you as well, so that it will continue to keep the sun and bugs away from you. You always encounter different bugs while your on vacation as well that you will want to keep at bay. The Men’s Stetson No Fly Zone Hat would make a great gift as well for the Men in your life that are active outdoors men.

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