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Mel Chemistry Starter Kit

I attended the ChiTAG Toy And Game Fair last weekend. I attended the Mel Chemistry booth. I have to say that I was just amazed at the Chemistry Set that they offer. It is really one of the best that I have seen for children and adults will love it as well. If you are looking for a great educational product for the holidays to have under the tree or give as a gift your going to want to check out the Mel Chemistry set!

My son’s love science so I was excited to use the kit I received with them to see if they shared my excitement about the starter kit and a couple of the experiments as well. When I opened the starter kit it included everything in the photo above. They were just amazed as we have purchased other kits and they no where near offered anything like Mel Chemistry. We received the Tin Chemistry experiment and a few others as well and we were excited to test them out together. The kits are perfect, educational, and the kids learn a lot from them as well. The boys had an amazing time learning about the new experiments and the expressions on their faces were just pure Awe of how great the experiments were.

Mel Chemical offers a number of Chemistry experiments and you can purchase the starter kit and then start the monthly subscription to receive 3 Chemistry Experiments a month. They will help your child to continue to learn amazing things about Chemistry. We will be ordering the subscription for my son’s to use to learn even more. I love that they will be away from all electronics and learning about amazing experiments that can teach them useful information while blowing their little minds that they actually were able to do the experiment.

If your a science teacher or Homeschooler, this set would be amazing for your classroom as well to use to show different experiments in your classroom. The kids will learn to love Chemistry and all that it entails. The kit is really just amazing and the prices for the starter kit and the subscription for what you receive is amazing! It’s great for anyone on your Christmas list!

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