Mail Call: What goodies have you gotten in the mail lately?

Other then bills because those are not goodies. What freebies have you gotten in your mail lately? I haven’t done a mail call in a while so I thought it was due. 🙂 So let us know what you have gotten in the mail lately.

I have gotten the following today:

Maxim magazine
Woman’s Day Magazine
Spin Magazine
Saveur Magazine
My Tampico Fajita Seasonings (3oz) bag we ordered from Sept. 8th
Overtime pain relief lotion
Tom Maine’s toothpaste

If you haven’t gotten any freebies as of yet not to worry they do show up but it does sometimes take a while for them to show up so don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of companies that are back logged with free sample orders so just be patient and one day you will open your mailbox to all the ones you ordered for Oct. and Nov. it usually happens when you have forgotten about ordering them. lol Well at least in my case that’s how it usually works. So what have you gotten in your mailbox lately????

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  1. LaRhonda McCoy says:

    overtime pain relief lotion, tampax tapon sample, Kraft A1 Steak sauce recipes, Coldeze sample, Gucci Sample and a Diesel sample.

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