Long Range Wrist Walkie Talkies Review Plus 20% Off Till 12/15

wrist talkies

If your looking for the perfect gift for your little spy, these Long Range Wrist Walkie Talkies will reach up to 2 miles and they can communicate with their friends, a sibling or you. They can plan out their spy missions with the person on the other end of the walkie talkie. Walkie talkies are always high on the kids christmas list.
The walkie talkies are on a wrist band and look like a watch so it’s the perfect disquise so no one will know that your on a mission! They can report to headquarters what they hear and see about their suspect and all the intell that they gather. It’s a great way to keep fighting siblings working together while having fun! They will be to busy with their mission to have time to fight! Giving mom and dad some piece and quiet for a little while. You can even get creative and make up a mission for them to catch the enemy agent.
Walkie Talkies would be awesome for the holiday vacation as well to keep the kids having a great time. Those snow days where the kids are stuck inside, before you hear “I’m BORED!” have some missions ready to go so you can hand them over to them to start their adventure. Leave clues, it could be a toy or a spare key that doesn’t go to anything that they need to find the owner of it and gives them a new mystery to solve. You could have so many different adventures for them to go on while you clean the house, read a book, or why not get in on the fun with them! Have the whole family get on teams to find the suspect. I mean why shouldn’t nmom and dad have some spy fun with the kids!
Till Dec. 15th you can save on these great spy gadgets and more, they can have a complete spy experience and you can save so your budget as well. The kids will just love the adventure and your going to be the best parent! There is also a 20% off promo code that you can use at the checkout to save even more on any of the products that MukikiM Toys offer! Who doesn’t love even more savings! You just choose the items that you would like and then use the promo code: MUK2015 at the checkout to receive an extra 20% off your purchase!

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