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How to make money from home to support your family. You can make money from home in legit ways that do not cost you money to start working and some you would just need the cost of the materials just to get started. Most of them you will need a computer and/or a phone to do them. Some you will not need either. These are just some ideas of things you can do to make money at home. Most you can set your own hours and work when you would like to.

Becoming A VA For Bloggers:
You can make money writing articles for blogs, Making recipe articles with pictures of how to make a recipe that is your own, How to make a craft that you make with photos, Travel articles done about visiting your area with photos, there are so many topics you can write about and sell the articles to bloggers who will buy them and use them on their blogs but they must be original articles. You can earn $15 to $35 per article and receive the money using your own paypal account (Online bank). You can learn how to be a VA by just doing a search for how to be a VA. There are VA facebook groups that you can sell the articles to bloggers in and be paid right away.


There are several ways that you can earn money with photography if you can take good photos.
* You can do mini photo shoots for families at a location for family pictures, engagements, and other events.
* Do VA work and add your photos to the articles that your selling.
* Take photos and make a website to sell photos for companies and bloggers that need them for their articles and blog posts.
* Here are a couple of websites with more Ideas on how to use photography to make money from home.

Canadian Company that hires employees for different positions to work from home. There are jobs in the work force environment as well. Apply here

These work-from-home positions are available for applications at Asurion’s career page. Select the position ‚Äčand hit the application button. It will then ask
you to fill out your information and sign up for an account at Asurion. This will direct you to a short online questionnaire. After you complete this, there will be an opportunity to submit a CV and/or a resume. A
criminal background check and a drug screening are required. Apply here.

American Express :
In the jobs database, use “virtual,” “telecommute” or “work at home” as keywords in the search bar. Then add your location and click search. The travel division of American Express has a large telecommute workforce and actively hires telecommuters in the U.S., U.K, Canada, and
Australia for travel counselor and other call center jobs. Also, the financial company also allows many of its corporate jobs to be telecommuted Apply here.

Become an online Tutor:
Students will always be willing to pay for extra 1-on-1 help, which means there will always be opportunities for work as a tutor.
Here are some tips on how to market yourself as a tutor and get clients. You can also sign up for an online tutoring platform like Chegg. Chegg reports that their tutors make $20+ an hour.

Teach Languages to Students who want to learn the language. Whatever language you speak you could teach others who want to learn. This is a legit site and you can earn from $7-$30 an hour teaching languages. English is included but it needs to be proper English. If you Speak French you can teach a student French. There are several sites that offer a great online tutoring job.
Verbling: $7 to $30 an hour Apply Here
iTalki: $10-$30 an hour Apply Here
Vipkid: $14-$22 an hour teaching English Apply Here
Cambly: $10 an hour. If you have not done tutoring as of yet this is a great site to start on! Apply Here

if there there is something that your good at making and you can sell them to make money on them. You can sell your items on your local garage sale sites, Offer Up app, or many other sites like this. (Inital cost of supplies to make items)

Refurbishing Furniture that is being recycled:
There are a lot of people who grab furniture that is in good shape from the weekly garbage collections or free pieces on the garage sale sites and then redo them to make them beautiful again and sell them. There are some great facebook groups that show refurbished furniture and groups that give you the steps to do it as well. Youtube also has some great videos on how to Recycle furniture and Reburbishing furniture. (Will be an initial cost for paints and supplies for painting.)

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