K’nex 70 Model Building Set $24.99 Normally $44.99 (705 Piece Set)

knex 705 piece building set

This fun set from K’nex features a 70 piece Building set, which has 705 piece set! Your child can be as creative as they would like with this set. There are instructions that also come with the set to tell them how to build different sets or they can use their creative thoughts to create anything their heart desires.

My son’s just love K’nex sets, and being so creative, it’s hours of fun for them and they always play with them when their friends come over as well. The K’nex 70 Model Building Set will make a great Christmas gift and it’s half price right now! The price will change at any time so head over to grab your K’nex set before they are gone or the price rises.

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