Kmart Apologizes For Inadvertent Layaway Cancellations And New Information On Refunds


Kmart has cancelled many of their online layaway orders recently. It seems that customers had purchased the items on their layaways but now many items that people have purchased are now out of stock. Many of the layaways were paid in full before learning that the items were no longer in stock and that they would not be receiving all of the items they ordered. The customers will be receiving a refund but, they will be received in 7 to 14 days, which will be after the Christmas holiday.

There are many customers that are upset, they paid for their layaway and now many of them will not have the funds to replace the items they ordered, due to they spent their money on the layaway that they placed. Kmart is working hard to replace the items that have been cancelled or give refunds. Channel 13 WGME received this statement from Kmart:

Full Kmart statement to 13 Investigates:

We deeply apologize to our customers affected by this online layaway issue. Some of our online layaway customers received inadvertent cancellation notices on their layaway contracts and have not received certain items they ordered through online layaway. This issue is specific to layaway contracts online for ship to home and does not impact in store layaways. We are in the process of contacting those customers who have been affected and are working with them to resolve the issue.

Not all of their contracts were cancelled and many of them have already received some of the items that they ordered through online layaway. For the undelivered items, we’ve been able to find many of the items through our supply channels and are leveraging alternative sources to try and locate the remaining items.

We are sensitive that this is a special time of year and are working hard to find and deliver these items to customers before the holidays, including expedited and free shipping to those affected.

I’m sure that Kmart will be fixing the problem that happened this Holiday Season and improve the online layaway for next year’s Holiday Season. The in store layaways were not apart of the layaway problems. There has been an update to the Sear’s Holding Company has posted a new blog post on the latest information about the layaway refunds or receiving the products that have been ordered that are out of stock.

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