Klask The Magnetic Game Of Skill Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Klask Game to review with my son’s. It’s a table top game that has magnetic pieces that you move as you play the game. It reminds me of a tabletop Ice Hockey game. Now, when I first saw this game I had to get in on the action as there were so many people playing this game. So I watched some of them playing and then I had to get a game to play with a friend.

So we sat down and we got our magnetic game pieces ready to go. There are two other magnetic pieces on each side that you send the piece around or through to score with the game. We were having such a great time laughing and playing. When a person gets it through into the other person’s “pocket” they score a point. Now, I have to say the game is not as easy as it sounds. There are challenges to the game!

Your not going to score every time you push the ball across trying to get into the pocket. The other person can block your shot, it can go in a different direction then you had wanted it to, and the pieces that you put on both sides can also make the ball go into another direction. So, if you think your going to be bored with this game think again! There are always challenges but those challenges will have you and the person that your playing with laughing at where the ball is and where it’s going. You and the person your playing with will want to keep playing because your having so much fun.


I let my son’s play Klask as I had already played it so I wanted to get their point of view on the game. They just loved it! They were battling and keeping score on the score board that is on the side of the game. You slide the score wheel to the next point if you earn one. Once the boys played a few times with the ball, the boys just enjoyed it so much that when their cousins came over they had to play with them. They also loved it just as much as my son’s did. Now, I should say that the boys range in age from 7 years old to 16 years old. We let the kids play for a while and then the adults took over and the boys played a different game. We all just had so much fun and as we were playing we were calling ” I play the winner!” and we put our names on a dry erase board so we knew who was suppose to play next. We played most of the day with the kids and adults having a great time. We also played on Thanksgiving as well, it was a non stop fun day of games and everyone had a great time.
Klask would make a great gift this holiday season for a child or adult. You can purchase Klask at . You will be thrilled you did! I do have to warn you that it is an addicting game! So when you become addicted to playing the game you can’t blame me you were warned! lol

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